Which Home Improvements Add the Most Property Value?

Home Improvements to Increase Value

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Which Home Improvements Add the Most Property Value?

In the Greater Kansas City Area


Do you know the return on investment (ROI) for your next home remodeling project?


The numbers are in: window replacement and siding installation projects rank as home renovations that add the most property value to your home.


Below is the Cost vs. Value Analysis by Remodeling Magazine for the eight home remodeling projects with the highest ROI in the Greater Kansas City area.


cost vs value analysis


Whether you just bought your house, are preparing to sell it, or are at any stage in between, learn which home remodeling projects have the highest return on investment.


Manufactured Stone Veneer


Stone veneers are a stone exterior, but not the true exterior, of a house. Manufactured stone is made out of a colored concrete mix. These materials are lighter than natural stone and eliminate the need for extra installations like foundations, ledges, or wall ties. Stone veneers suite any style of home, from chic to rustic.


Chances are, if you bought a home built in the 21st century in Overland Park, Lenexa, Olathe, Belton, MO, or other KC Metro areas, you already have a stone veneer. But if you do not have one, keep reading.


Installing a stone veneer allows homeowners to ask for a higher price on their home the moment they finish the installation. Homeowners recoup 82.8% of project costs for a stone veneer.


Homeowners who add stone veneers like to couple this installment with siding replacement, to give the whole house a complete exterior makeover.


Garage Door Replacement


When it comes to easy, quick, and high rewarding home improvement projects, replacing your garage door is a good place to start.


More people recognize your garage door than you realize. A new garage door gives you the opportunity to compliment the style of your home in a way you want to be noticed for. It also increases security so thieves and pesky animals stay out.


An typical garage door replacement project in the Kansas City area costs $3,457. Not a bad chunk of cash to spend on increasing your home’s curb appeal and the value of your home. This project means you can ask for 82.4% of your garage door investment back when you sell your home.


Wooden Deck Addition


This addition makes sense. Who doesn’t love a backyard BBQ (Kansas City style of course), less landscaping maintenance, and a spot to enjoy coffee outside on sunny, Kansas City mornings?


No wonder deck additions have a 72.3% return on investment.


For those in the market for a new house, a deck is often a big selling point.


Siding Installation


National Association of Realtors’ website reported that the best choices for improving home value in 2014 were exterior projects, including siding replacement (Source: SF Gate Home Guides).


This project makes your home look brand new, helps to control energy costs, requires little maintenance, and lasts up to 25 years. It is a beautiful solution to Kansas and Missouri’s tough weather and it lowers your utility bills.


Siding takes care of fading or chipping paint, heat loss in the winter, air conditioning the entire neighborhood (instead of just your living room) all summer, and acts as your first line of defense to your home.


On average, homeowners recoup 72.1% of siding replacement costs. You can browse through EnergyPro’s Siding Gallery here.


Thinking about redesigning the whole exterior of your home? Check out the Contractor’s Eye App. This new technology lets you customize your home improvement project right on your smartphone. You can learn more here.


Front Door Replacement


Open the door to a higher curb appeal, increased security, lower utility bills, and overall accessibility by replacing your front door.


A $1,887 steel door replacement project will allow you to add $1,337 to the value of your home. That is a 70.9% return on investment. You will be amazed at the difference this simple project makes to your home.


Window Replacement


A windows installation project will increase the value of your home and make your days and nights more comfortable.


A $15,959 expenditure on new windows can increase an asking price on a house about $11,096, for a 69.6% return on investment. If your house’s windows need replacing and you are selling your house, most likely buyers will ask for a lower price if you don’t replace them.


If you do not plan on moving any time soon, new windows are appealing, energy efficient, and block out exterior noises.


At EnergyPro, we want you to live in a comfortable home, and that means no drafts or sounds of outside traffic. You can browse our Window Replacement Gallery to see our past projects.


Minor Kitchen Remodeling


Now time to note a few interior home improvement projects. These projects increase the value of your home and let homeowners channel their personality.


A kitchen is the heart of the home. Almost a third of homeowners plan to spend between $10,000 and $24,000 on kitchen improvements, according to a survey by MasterBrand Cabinets (Source: CNBC). These are minor kitchen remodeling projects: new cupboards, new countertops, one or two new appliances, etc.


Not all kitchen remodeling projects have to be huge. These minor improvements have great returns. A $21,455 project will bump up a home’s resale value $14,532.


Bathroom Remodeling


Sick of your grouty sink or moldy ceiling fan? Can you even see yourself in your mirror anymore? A bathroom overhaul can improve the look and feel of your home. Efficient toilets, sparkling sinks, and better lighting can turn your bathroom into a personal palace of relaxation and luxury.


Use this remodeling project to strategize your use of space for towel storage and more. This $19,510 project recoups 59.2% of its costs in the resale value of your home.




Still don’t know where to start? Call your local windows and siding replacement company, EnergyPro. We service the Greater Kansas City Area and would love to increase the resale value of your home.

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