Kansas City Wood Rot Repair

Since 2004 our family has been repairing Wood Rot Damage from Lawrence to the Lake of the Ozarks.

We collect or repair rotted wood around windows, doors, fascias, soffits and everything wood on your home.

We Cover All Of Your Exterior Needs.

Rot Repairs
Rot Repairs
Let us save you money today and over time by stopping the water leak and expertly repair your home.
Repair vs Replacement

Repair vs. Replacement

Should your damage be to much. Energy Pro can replace your window, doors, siding, soffits, and everything exterior.


Save money and paint yourself or Let Energy Pro paint the repaired areas on your entire house.


Wood Rot Repair

Energy Pro will expertly remove AL the damaged wood and we have several repair options depending on what’s right for your home.

Wood rot is never something you think of. Water over time can find its way into any wood based product. Your windows, siding, soffits, and corner trim boards are common area. A new window or siding is not always the answer.

What happens if wood rot is not repaired?

Wood rot is caused by water so its important to stop the water leak. Loose trim, degraded caulk, squirrels, birds, and of course the suns damaging rays all can lead to a water leak. Left untreated, water continues to migrate deeper into your home and can cause structural damage.

Energy Pro for Wood Rot Repairs in Kansas City

Common Types Of Exterior Trim Material

Energy Pro for Wood Rot Repairs in Kansas City


One of the most popular for residential trim, wood is durable, lightweight and comes in a wide variety of finishes from cedar, pine, redwood, and more and adds a rustic appeal to your door and window frames. Exterior wood trim offers protection from fluctuating temperatures and insect infestation. The only drawback is that it requires more maintenance and needs to be repainted and strained every so often to prevent wood rot.


Plaster is durable, versatile, good for insulation purposes, boosts your curb appeal, and doesn’t easily shrink or shift when exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Plus, it’s more fire-resistant than its wood counterpart. It’s best reserved for your indoor living areas as it doesn’t bode well if exposed to excessive moisture and humidity, including too much rainfall or snowmelt.

Kansas City Wood Rot Repair
Kansas City Wood Rot Repair Kansas

Fiber Cement

Fiber cement exterior trim is incredibly durable, has a longer lifespan, and can easily handle fluctuating temperatures as it’s fire-resistant, can withstand heavy pressure making it an optimal choice for localities prone to heat waves and wildfires and is also resistant to pest invasion and rot.

MDF (medium-density fiberboard)

MDF is a type of engineered wood made using wound-together wood fibers and is a more cost-effective alternative to just plain wood as it won’t crack or warp as easily and still provides you with that rustic curb appeal and smoother finish. Normally MDF is preferred for interior trim as opposed to exterior trim. The only drawback is that its texture is slightly more pliable, making it vulnerable to dents, gouges, and chipping, especially if no maintenance whatsoever is done. We wouldn’t recommend MDF for highly moisture-prone areas such as your bathroom or roofline’s soffits and fascia boards.

Kansas Wood Rot Repair Service
Kansas Wood Rot Repair

PVC (polyvinyl chloride)

Plastic is always a safe choice for Keller homeowners as it’s durable, affordable, handles fluctuating temperatures and local weather conditions fairly well, and won’t even rust over and corrode. Plus, it won’t split, rot or warp as its wood-based counterparts of natural wood and MDF. PVC is fire-resistant and prevents pest and termite infestation. The only drawback is that it’s susceptible to thermal expansion, can still snap off if exposed to heavy amounts of pressure, and lastly, you don’t win points for being environmentally friendly.


A super durable material that is beyond sturdy is metal, including aluminum which can handle fluctuating temperatures as it’s fire-resistant, withstand heavy pressure, and won’t buckle anytime soon so, for example, it is a great option for mounting heavy door frames and is resistant to a pest infestation. The only drawback is that it can cause noise pollution if exposed to stronger winds and is expensive to install. Plus, if you fail to do any maintenance, discolored rust will crop up, resulting in corrosion.

Energy Pro can remove ALL damaged wood and replace with many options including a range of PVC products that never need painting again.

Wood Rot Repair in Kansas

The Reality of Wood Rot in Kansas City

Understanding the Impact and Solutions for Your Home

In Kansas City, the weather can be unforgiving, and wood rot is a common issue faced by homeowners. It’s crucial to tackle the problem head-on to prevent further damage. We provide detailed inspections to catch wood rot at its earliest stage, where repairs can be more effective and less costly.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding is committed to delivering high-quality, affordable solutions for wood rot repairs. When repair is not viable or is more expensive than replacement, we will guide you through the process of choosing new, energy-efficient windows or durable siding to protect your home for years to come.

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Wood rot is a common issue that can compromise your home’s structural integrity. Energy Pro offers expert wood rot repair services for windows, siding, doors, gutters, and decks to keep your home safe and beautiful.

Are you prepared for a hassle-free, pressure-free consultation? Call us at 816-331-7403 or click here to get in touch. Our dedicated team is poised to assist you in determining the optimal solution for your home, whether it entails a repair or a full replacement.

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I love my new windows. The whole experience was so easy from start to finish. I am very pleased with the service all the way through.

Amanda M. , MO

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Recently had 8 windows installed to start the process of replacing a house full of Pella windows. We looked at multiple brands but Tom Reed did the best job of finding the best product for our need. Rick and Dalton installed them and did a great job. When they were done, everything was cleaned up like they were never here. Look forward to dealing with this group in the future.

Brad C. , MO

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We love our new windows provided by Energy Pro. They are of good quality and we are very happy. Energy Pro was very knowledgeable and very professional to work with. We will certainly use them again for future needs!

Sheila S. , KS

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Friendly, knowledgeable and very professional! Well run and organized. All high quality products, love their Heritage windows. Very impressive.

Kenith D. , MO

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