What Material Offers The Best Protection Against Siding Damage from Moisture & Rain?

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Moisture and rain account for a lot of the damage that commonly occurs with siding. Despite the amount of damage possible, there are excellent options available for maximum protection.

Read on to learn more about these siding options that are available for you.

How Does the Siding’s Construction Style Make a Difference?

All siding, regardless of the brand or material, provides protection against moisture, including rain. Siding includes two layers, known as envelopes, and each envelope plays a unique role in providing a different type of protection. New siding provides a second protection layer that serves as a solid barrier against the worst that moisture damage can cause.

Another advantage of having an extra layer of protection against moisture is that the extra layer helps prevent energy loss, keeping the home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. When installed correctly, the second envelope will feature a water vapor barrier underneath, which helps provide strong protection against moisture. The brand or type of less of an issue with the appropriate moisture barrier in place.

Are There Specific Materials Best for Protecting Against Siding Damage from Moisture & Rain?

Which materials offer the best protection against siding damage from moisture & rain? As long as a water vapor barrier is in place, your main considerations in choosing to side will depend on your budget and style preferences. The less-expensive brands will provide protection comparable to the more expensive options.

Homeowners have greater peace of mind knowing that their home has the necessary protection, regardless. One of the things that nobody should have to worry about is whether they are sacrificing protection for their home to get siding more within their budget. The idea of not having to make this choice is a very welcome relief.

The type of siding that many professionals often install more than others is James Hardie. This brand fits the criteria that many homeowners look for when choosing to side, including:

  • Maintenance-free
  • Protection from the elements
  • Insect and pest-resistant

Although these criteria fit many of the other popular siding types, James Hardie’s siding is also fire retardant because of the concrete base. This type of feature helps make homes safer and also increases the value perception for homeowners. Homeowners will usually prefer siding that meets as many of their criteria as possible.

What Are Signs That You Need to Possibly Replace Your Current Siding?

One of the most obvious signs you need to replace your siding is if you are seeing wood rot. The most obvious sign of wood rot is softwood, sometimes feeling almost mushy to the touch. One of the less obvious signs is peeling paint, which many associates more with outdated paint than problems with their siding.

Water penetration in the first, or structural, the envelope is another sign of siding that may require replacement. Because this layer is the closest to the home’s interior walls, any issues here require prompt care. Otherwise, your home might experience severe leaks that involve a lot of expensive repairs.

Sometimes, damage to your siding from storms is less severe but you feel replacement is a good idea, anyway. Multiple small nicks and dings may become unsightly over time, making a home look less well taken care of. Anything that helps a home’s curb appeal is usually a good idea.

If storm damage is more obvious, or you have encountered any leaks because of the damage, replacing the siding is your best option. With a range of choices, you can find something perfect for your needs that fits within your budget. As frustrating as storm damage can be, knowing that solutions are at hand is helpful.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding offers everything you need for siding with the best protection levels possible. Contact us today for all your questions about how to safeguard against siding damage from moisture & rain?

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