Why is James Hardie Siding the Most Recommended Brand of Fiber Cement Siding?

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James Hardie Siding is the most recommended brand of fiber cement siding because it comes from a siding maker that has withstood the test of time since its founding in the 1980s. The James Hardie company was the first to manufacture siding completely free of asbestos, the harmful substance that attacks your lungs once it becomes airborne.

Energy Pros Window & Siding would like to make the case for why you should consider the James Hardie brand if you’re thinking about updating your home’s siding.

No More Asbestos in Siding

Asbestos was a big health crisis in the 1980s when medical researchers began to realize that it was dangerous to inhale if it became loose and airborne. Unfortunately, this meant that many building materials, including siding, were no longer a viable option for home building since they contained asbestos. Asbestos is no longer in use today, but we occasionally encounter traces of it in very old siding and ceilings.

The James Hardie company, based in Australia, built its reputation on addressing this problem by creating a new form of siding devoid of asbestos. When we speak of fiber cement siding, we’re talking about a combination of three main elements: cement, silica sand, and fiber cellulose. James Hardie discovered how to remove the asbestos from the material, and they’ve been the number one brand in the business ever since.

James Hardie Siding – Most Popular in the Kansas City Area

We’ve noticed that James Hardie siding is by far the most popular material in the Kansas City area. This is true of many other places across the country as well. There are two reasons for this:

  • They have the best color schemes out of all the competition.
  • They have the best finish warranty and durability in the business.

Recently, the gray colors (blue-gray, charcoal-gray, light-gray, etc.) are extremely popular. In this past year, our customers enjoy gray siding with a white trim selection from James Hardie. You can expect to see well north of 30 colors to choose from, and that doesn’t include the ways you can mix and match. The possibilities are limitless with this brand.

What is the most popular style right now? In our experience, lots of folks in the area love horizontal lap siding. It’s affordable and still looks superb. Lap siding is a great option because it’s attractive, inexpensive, water-resistant, durable, easy to install, and readily available anywhere in the country, including the midwest.

Caveat: Check with HOAs for Color Regulations

If you live in a community with a Home Owners Association (HOA), make sure you check with them concerning allowable colors. Some colors are actually forbidden by certain HOAs in the Kansas City area. You don’t want to have to redo an entire siding project, where you spent significant money on premium materials, only to have to redo a substantial part of it.

As long as you’re careful with that, your HOA won’t object to your siding choice. The James Hardie styles are also known for improving home values since they’re the oldest name in the business and possess a very strong marketing apparatus. Their siding protects somewhere around 8,000,000 homes all across the United States.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding Installs James Hardie Siding

Where do you go in Kansas City to find the pros who will do the best job installing any type of siding? Energy Pro Windows & Siding is your answer. We don’t limit ourselves to any particular type either. Our expert technicians are also great with vinyl siding, Royal siding, Celect, and many other material styles.

As a responsible homeowner, you know that poor siding can contribute to a whole array of problems like winter heat loss, unwanted drafts, faded appearance, over-working of the air conditioner, and so forth. Therefore, you never want to neglect the maintenance of such a critical component of your home’s infrastructure. That’s why you should allow only the pros to install or repair the siding on your house.

Energy Pro is a licensed contractor and can assist with all permitting and code compliance.

So, don’t delay any further and contact us to get some beautiful James Hardie Siding installed today!

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