What are Options for Bay Windows?

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Energy Pro Windows & Siding would like to explain the various options for bay windows. You have plenty to choose from with regards to bay window angle, window style, and paint colors. This litany of possibilities includes excellent lifetime, non-pro-rated, transferable warranties. As always, we vouchsafe to give you the highest quality service at the most affordable rate in the Kansas City area.

Let’s discuss bay window basics, color options, warranties, and why you should consider Energy Pro Windows & Siding for your next renovation project.

Bay Window Basics

Window quality is very important for not only beautifying your home but also for bolstering the property value. There are several reasons to consider a window replacement if you intend to sell your home.

What are bay windows anyway? Bay windows extend beyond the walls of the home at either a 15, 30, or 45-degree angle. As the name implies, this creates a bay area on the inside of your home, ideal for a sofa or coffee table to enjoy an abundance of sunlight and scenery.

A bay window has at least three smaller windows ranging from a 3-to-6-light bay. Those are the basic bay components. From there, it’s simply a matter of choosing your standard window style preferences.

You can get picture windows, vented windows (such as encasement or double-hung), and many other popular options. Bay windows are always made from vinyl, but there are a variety of framing materials. Here are the two most common:

  • White Laminate
    White laminate is a great material for visually enhancing the size of your windows and other home components. It can magnificently accentuate the beautiful glass in your bay window and magnify the room’s ambient lighting.
  • Two-Cabinet Grade Plywood
    The plywood comes from either oak or birch. Oak is a very sturdy material, the same used to produce whiskey barrels, bookcases, flooring, and desks. Birch is very popular for wooden furniture and other versatile decorative aspects. These are very beautiful, and it’s not hard to see why homeowners choose these for window adornment.

This is just a brief description of what you can do with bay windows structurally. There are many other adjustments we can make to customize a solid bay window that’s perfectly fit for your home.

Color Options for Bay Windows

The color options for bay windows are pretty extensive. You would generally begin with one of six standard factory colors, but you can customize with any color available from Sherwin Williams. They’re stain grain and the combinations are limitless.

As a rule of thumb, our clients prefer lighter colors because it’s a large window area designed to brighten the room.

Warranty Options for Bay Windows

Energy Pro Windows & Siding is Kansas City’s best manufacturer for available warranties. You won’t find many competitors who offer bay window installation along with a lifetime, fully transferable, non-pro-rated warranty. We’re one of the few manufacturers in the Kansas City area that offers anything like that.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding: The Best Source for Bay Window Installation

Window replacement is one of our favorite tasks at Energy Pro Windows & Siding. Our crew of talented installers possesses greater than 125 years of experience with everything related to windows, siding, and doors. We’ve gotten recognition from Blogger Local as the #1 Kansas City Window Replacement company, and we have stellar customer reviews (4.8 out of 5.0 stars on Google Reviews).

All of our projects involve using the best quality construction materials, for the fairest and most competitive rates, and we always clean up after ourselves. You don’t have to worry about the rest of your property receiving damage in the process.

For window replacement, you can expect a roughly 24-hour preparation process, a day for installation, and then detailing and clean-up. This may vary depending on the complexity of the job.

Energy Pro is a licensed contractor and can assist with all permitting and code compliance.

So, if you wish to speak with one of our qualified experts about your many options for bay windows, be sure to contact us soon!

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