5 Reasons to Consider Replacement Windows in Kansas City Before Selling Your Home

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How important are replacement windows when you are selling your home? Very. The better shape your home is in, the better chance you have of getting your asking price.

The bottom line is, the buyer is going to see what needs replaced and automatically reduce it from the price they are willing to pay. It can be difficult to make the decisions of what to fix and what not to bother with.

5 Reasons to Consider Replacement Windows in Kansas City Before Selling Your Home

Replacing your windows before selling your house might seem like throwing away money, but there are several good reasons why you should.

1. Replacement is Better than Repairs

Broken windows, windows that don’t open, or windows that have gaps, old leaded paint, and broken or warped frames can be fixed but should be replaced. It’s much easier to opt for window replacement rather than a patch job.

It’s frustrating having windows that don’t work properly anyhow. You want to be able to open them up and let fresh air in, close them tightly so the cold doesn’t get in, and all too often, repairs are just a band-aid solution.

2. Look Better

That one first glance at your home can be the breaking point of a potential buyer. You want the home to look its best to get buyers through the door. If they see broken or old windows, they may not even bother.

It’s perfect for curb appeal when they first pull up and it looks better to your entire neighborhood, as well. If you do a few upgrades, like a bay window, you can really make a big difference in how the home looks.

3. It’s Not as Expensive as You Think

Windows that don’t fit properly or don’t work are actually costing you a lot of money already. Your energy bill will reflect that. You are paying to heat and cool the outside as the windows are not sealed properly.

It’s well worth the investment to replace the windows in your home. Make them all look the same and get them all to work and function properly. You can do it over an extended period of time.

4. Return on Investment

Replacement windows are going to pay for themselves. A potential buyer will see that you made the effort and are going to know they won’t have to replace the windows for many years to come.

If the windows are old or broken, they are going to deduct that cost from your asking price, if they offer a price at all. It’s well worth the investment for you to replace the windows.

5. Replace Old For New

Old windows in an old home can have all sorts of problems, even if they are not broken. Single-paned windows are not great for insulation. Lead paint is still common in older homes and can be dangerous.

While you could just remove the paint, it’s still a danger. It’s best to get replacement windows put in to be safe. Old glass is not as sturdy after so many years.

Replacement Windows in Kansas City

The weather in Kansas City demands that you have windows that keep the cool air out when you need it and the cool air in when it’s desirable. Window replacement before selling your home is a smart investment.

Potential buyers want to see that they are buying a quality house, not a fixer-upper. That first look can make or break the sale moving forward. Give them a reason to keep looking.

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