The Process of Installing a Replacement Window

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One thing most customers ask us is what to expect when we’re installing a replacement window in their home. What can you expect from your window contractor? Will their employees be respectful, prepared, and ready to work?

When the guys from Energy Pro Windows and Siding arrive on installation day, they come with all their equipment and tools. We do a meticulous job of preplanning each job, and ensure that we have all the materials ready and on hand when we get started.

Before Installing a Replacement Window

Possibly the hardest part about buying replacement windows is the wait. You select your contractor, go through the design process to decide materials, colors, look, and style. Then you purchase your perfect windows and you’re excited.

But there’s a bit of a wait after that. The delay right now is about five to eight weeks. This is the amount of time it takes for your custom windows to be manufactured.

And there’s a good reason for the delay. In the case of our direct ship manufacturers, for instance, their facilities are in Ohio and Michigan. They’ve been in business forever and they have this down to a science.

We place your order with them, then they custom make the windows to exact specifications. They take care to match the exact size of the old windows that came out of your home.

That matching of size is important because we want just the tiniest bit of gap around the window when we install it. This gap allows us to make sure the window is square and level, and it ensures we only have to use the minimum amount of insulation to fill in the gap at the end.

On the Day of Installing a Replacement Window

On the day of your installation, our guys will arrive and unload all of their equipment. Then we’ll begin preparing the interior of your home to ensure everything is kept safe and clean when removing old windows and installing new.

We’ll move all of your furniture and put tarps around it to protect it. We’ll also remove all of your window treatments, whether they be mini blinds, drapes, shutters, plantation shutters, or otherwise.

We’ll take the same care outside as well. If there is shrubbery or bushes outside, we’ll put ropes around those and gently pull them back out of the way of the work area. We take extreme care with them.

If there’s shrubbery or bushes outside, we’ll put ropes around to pull that back, our workers take extreme care.

Window Replacement Installation Extras

Energy Pro takes steps during installation that not all contractors will. If you have a bay window, for example, that doesn’t go all the way to the top, there’s an extra board above it and extra installation. Most bay windows go to the top, but on those that don’t, we’ll ensure the insulation and boards are all replaced and sealed properly.

Our guys carefully square up each window, secure it, caulk it, fill the gaps with insulation, and reattach the finish and siding outside.

Then we fully cleanup after ourselves when we’re finished. We leave your property in meticulous condition after everything is installed with expert skill and care.

Contact Expert Pro Windows and Siding

We’ll help guide you through the purchase process and ensure you’re getting the best product possible. Contact us to ensure you avoid purchasing wood windows that are prone to rot, and let us walk you through our 3D tour that helps you see the impact of your design choices.

Installing a replacement window is what we excel at, and we can provide that expert care and service to your home too.

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