How Do You Remove Old Windows?

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What do you do when you need to remove old windows? Although removing a window might seem like a simple task, there are some things to keep in mind to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Read on to learn more about what happens when you have old windows removed.

How the Replacement Type Makes a Difference in Removal

One of the key factors in how windows are removed is whether the installer is doing new construction window replacement or pocket replacement. These methods make a major difference in how the original window has to come out. Because windows are different, there is no single removal solution that meets every need.

When an installer does a new construction replacement, the entire window frame and the surrounding area come out. This includes the interior window trim, as well as the exterior. Everything is removed to help make way for all the components that go with the new window. Once the new window is in, everything is re-trimmed.

Pocket replacement involves installing a new window inside the original frame. Installers who do these types of installations know which parts they need to remove to get the window out. For some types of windows, this is the easiest method to use.

Why Do Many Prefer New Construction to Remove Old Windows?

With two common methods being possible, why do some prefer the new construction method to removing old windows? Although pocket removal is often seen as or in some cases, is, easier, there are circumstances where new construction is the best overall solution. One of these circumstances is an older window with parts harder to come by.

Pocket removal works best in circumstances where the installer has the necessary replacement parts. Window parts are not universally interchangeable across types and brands. Using the wrong part when replacing a window can mean having a window that you cannot open or close properly, among other possible problems that will require repair, including a broken window from mishandling.

When you do a new construction method, new parts that go with the replacement window are used, instead of the parts for the old window. In many cases, this is the best overall solution for older windows that may have rarer parts. By having replacements with all-new parts, you don’t have to worry about delays getting your window installed because everything the installer needs is right there.

Are Some Windows Better-Suited to Either New Construction or Pocket Removal?

There are some window types better suited to one of the removal styles than the other. For example, double-hung and casement windows feature parts that make pocket removal relatively easy. Homeowners with these windows will seldom go wrong by opting for a pocket removal installation, barring a reason to opt for a retrofit.

However, most types of windows are excellent choices for new construction removal, including double-hung or casement windows. There are many things that could go wrong with existing parts, especially with older windows. By choosing new construction, you’re reducing many of the problems that could come with pocket removal if you are missing any parts.

One of the best things to do before you decide which windows you want and determine a budget is to talk to your installer. When you check with the person responsible for installing the windows, they will have a better idea of what is necessary. You can make the best choice for your circumstances based on expert advice, instead of a misguided decision.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding is able to handle all your window removal and replacement needs, regardless of the style. Contact us today to find out about installation or get answers to your questions about how to remove old windows.

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