6 Features to Look for in Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

6 Features to Look for in Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

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Upgrading your home for the better should include energy-efficient replacement windows. Windows can help you save a lot of money on your energy bill over the years.

Better windows can help stop the heat or cold from getting in or out. Leaky windows, single-panes, and inefficient frames can actually cost you hundreds of lost energy.

6 Features to Look For

Windows are greatly improved when they are made with quality materials and better technology.

  1. Multiple Panes

A single pane of glass doesn’t provide much insulation for your home. Windows can lose energy through the glass, but they can be engineered to help prevent heat transfer. One of the features to look for in energy-efficient replacement windows is that they have two or even three panes.

Multiple panes of glass will help with the insulation, block the heat that gets out through the glass, and can help keep the excessive noise out. They help provide insulation.

  1. Frames

Energy-efficient replacement windows are only as good as the frames they are in. great frames not only provide support for your windows, but they can improve your curb appeal, as well.

Good frames help with the insulation of the windows and your home. Plus, quality frames won’t leak, separate from the window, sag, or get warped, which means less maintenance is required.

  1. Low-E Glass Coating

The protective coating is also important when it comes to energy-efficient replacement windows. Low-E, or low emissivity, is a coating for windows. This coating for energy-efficient windows will help them to reflect infrared light and ultraviolet light.

This helps keep heat from escaping your home in the winter. During the summer, the Low-E coating keeps the heat outside from getting in. The ultraviolet protection that comes with a Low-E coating stops the sun from bleaching out your carpet and furniture.

  1. Weatherstripping

 Most windows should have weatherstripping. Weatherstripping is the plastic strip along the edges of the window. This stripping creates a tight seal to keep drafts out. The quality and amount of weatherstripping you have will greatly improve your energy-efficient replacement windows.

Not all weatherstripping is made the same. High-quality weatherstripping should contain a fibrous material to create a better seal. The more weatherstripping you can get on a window, the better.

  1. Installation

 Even the greatest energy-efficient replacement windows are useless if they are not installed correctly. The windows need to be straight and insulated. They need to be able to work properly.

If they are not installed correctly, there can be gaps, leaks and the windows may not open or close completely, if at all. Window installation is not a DIY job, you need a professional to install them correctly.

  1. Signature Series

Our Super Signature Series window replacements are not only specifically designed to withstand Kansas City’s weather extremes, but they’re also exclusive to Energy Pro, featuring MaxGuard 12 Thermal Glass and FiberCore structural technology to reinforce your windows at the meeting rail.

Your windows will be installed by our hand-picked professionals who always go the extra mile to make sure that your replacement windows not only work well, but they look good, too.

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Having energy-efficient replacement windows installed will help your home function much better. It will look a lot better, too. Windows are so much more than ways to see outside or let fresh air in.

If you need information about replacement windows, Contact Us directly here at Energy Pro. leaky and drafty windows are not just uncomfortable. They contribute hundreds of dollars worth of wasted energy every year.

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