Pro Tips for Keeping Your Newly Installed Energy Efficient Replacement Windows in Great Shape

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Energy-efficient replacement windows are becoming more and more popular every year. Not only do they help keep your energy costs lowered, but they are also very easy to maintain.

Windows are made up of several parts, like glass, frame, and hardware. They work together to provide protection from heat loss or heat building up and reduce the energy consumed by the whole building. Those are energy-efficient windows.

Pro Tips For Maintaining Your Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Low emissivity glass has a transparent coating to cut down the amount of heat passing through the glass but still allowing light through. This coating reduces the U-value of the glass which is what measures how well a window prevents non-solar heat loss or gain.

The lower the U-value, the greater their efficiency. The window’s cooling and heating performance are graded on a  scale of 0 to 10 stars, so the more stars the better.

Rinse Before Washing

Inside, use a wet soft cloth to remove any debris or dirt that may be stuck to them. These can scratch the coating. For the outside, you can use your garden hose or gently spray them to get the dirt off.

You should be okay with a mild mixture of white vinegar and water. Ten parts water to one part vinegar should be enough to cut the grease or any type of build-up on your windows.

Dust and Spot Wash

A feather duster or a soft microfiber cloth will remove the dust that settles on your windows. For other bits that get stuck to them, like bird droppings, food, fingerprints, your dog’s nose, use the same cloth with a wet corner to gently remove the spot.

Use Mild Soaps and Microfiber Cloths

Don’t use anything that will scratch the windows or damage the coating. You don’t need to press too hard, and you don’t need to wash them too often. Rubbing them too much can actually harm them.

Clean your energy-efficient replacement windows when they need it, but a gentle wipe should be enough. This will depend on your climate, and you should consider green products, soft cloths that won’t leave fibers and lint, and a squeegee.

Check your squeegee before applying it to your windows. There could be a snag, damage to the rubber, or bits of debris stuck to them. Get a new one for your energy-efficient replacement windows, and make sure it is soft and won’t damage the windows. A smaller one should do.

Remove Condensation

Energy-efficient replacement windows in your bathroom or kitchen may get fogged up on a regular basis. You should always use a squeegee to remove excess water rather than your hand, or a towel.

Here can be streaks and marks left on and if there is anything else stuck on the glass, move around and scratch the surface. A few gentle runs across the glass will remove the water droplets.

Add a Protective Coating

When your windows are clean, you may want to consider adding a clear polymer coating over the glass pane in your windows and doors. This will help to protect them against stains, scratches, and other minor damages.

Energy-Efficient Replacement Windows

Ideally, your energy-efficient replacement windows shouldn’t need any more attention than your old ones. In fact, they should require less. Once installed, you will notice a big difference in your energy bills.

Windows have come a long way and are responsible for a great deal of energy being lost when they are old or in bad shape. Treat your new windows with love.

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