Energy Efficient Windows Provide an Energy Savings You Can Keep

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Energy Efficient Windows Provide an Energy Savings You Can Keep

There are a few things that just about every home in America has in common, and one of those is windows. Windows serve all sorts of functions, from letting you watch the kids play in the yard to letting in sunlight to help brighten up your home to giving the cats a vantage point to keep an eye on the birds at the bird feeder. But there’s one other thing that windows are supposed to do that we may not think of as often, and that’s help reduce the amount of solar radiation that enters the house—not to mention keeping the amount of heat and cold that get in or out to a minimum.

Of course, some windows do this better than others. Old, drafty, or inefficient windows can let in too much solar radiation, and with it heat that makes your air conditioner work overtime, driving up your energy bill in the process. So while heat is pouring in through your windows, money is flying out. Fortunately, modern energy-efficient windows can provide you with energy savings that you see on your utility bill month after month.

How does it work? While older windows may have been made with only a single pane of glass—not much of a barrier when it comes to the scorching summer sun—the best modern energy-efficient windows are made with multi-layer thermal glass that can significantly reduce solar heat gain in your home. That means a lower energy bill, less strain on your air conditioner, and a comfier, cozier home on even the hottest days.

To get that energy savings, though, you have to choose the right replacement windows. That means energy-efficient windows that can help keep the heat out and the cool in, where they belong. In fact, research conducted by the U.S. Department of Energy has shown that you can save anywhere from 12% to 35% in cooling costs annually simply by replacing inefficient single-pane windows with energy-efficient replacements. That’s not even taking into account drafts or air leakage that may be happening if your old windows are improperly installed or simply starting to wear out.

If the windows in your home are more than 10 or 15 years old, it’s probably time to replace them anyway, and if you replace your old windows with energy-efficient windows, you’ll be surprised at the energy savings you can start enjoying right away.

The Signature Series replacement windows from Energy Pro Windows and Siding are designed to provide the very best in energy savings, while also withstanding the worst weather that the Kansas City area can throw at them, summer or winter. So if you’re planning to replace your windows, why not make the most of your investment by choosing energy-efficient windows that will save you money on your energy bill for years to come? Contact Energy Pro Windows and Siding today!

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