Popular Window Styles to Consider for Your Kansas City Home

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If you are replacing one window, you may not be considering changing the window style. However, if you are investing in a large renovation or a new build, you may want to think about different window styles.

While most homes have more than one window style, you shouldn’t get carried away with too many. Consistency with windows keeps your home looking stylish and uniform.

Popular Window Styles to Consider for Your Kansas City Home

Choosing a window style that will suit the style of your home is what most homeowners aim for. That still leaves you with plenty of options.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are great for rooms where you want to control the window and improve airflow. These windows open up with a crank and can open sideways, like a door, with hinges.

They are great for getting air in and still keeping the elements out. You can leave the windows open during rain, as long as it’s not pouring straight in. They have a strong seal, which makes them energy-efficient and weatherproof.

Awning Windows

Awning window styles are similar to casement windows, but they open up from the bottom, leaving the window open like an awning. They work with a crank and hinges, and the bottom lifts up and out.

They can be left open overnight without fear of rain getting in and they are very secure. They are often used in areas of the home where you need light and air but also need security.

Bay Windows

These are great for a room that needs light and perhaps the feel of extra space. Bay window styles are very popular and look great. They jut out from the house and create a small shelf or bench that can be used for decorations or seating.

There are options with bay windows, as well. As a rule, the center window is fixed but the flanking windows on either side can be operational. Depending on the space outside of the window, they can all open if you choose.

Single or Double-Hung Windows

These are very popular and likely the window style most often used. The double-hung windows have two frames around the glass, and the single-hung has only one.

They open from the bottom and slide up, allowing fresh air and airflow. These work for almost any home, and because they are so popular, many companies make them and offer plenty of options when it comes to style.

Slider Windows

This window style features windows side by side that slide open on a track above and below. In many styles, both sides of the windows open. These are great as patio doors and smaller windows.

Perfect for bedrooms and kitchens, or areas where you need to have a window open frequently. This window style is popular, less expensive than some styles, and very functional.

Picture Window

These windows offer a great view, a great deal of natural light, and make your room look much bigger. There are no moving parts or areas that open, so best for a room that has airflow from another source.

They are sealed tight against the weather and are often very much less expensive than other types of windows. They are not great for retaining heat or cool air inside the room but can work very well to expand a small space.

Window Styles

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