Are Energy-Efficient Windows Worth the Investment?

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Some investments just aren’t worth the money and yet others can repay whatever you put into them many times over. So what type of investment are energy-efficient windows? Are they a good investment or a bad one? Are they worth the money or not? Here’s what you need to know about the value of energy-efficient windows and why they’re a smart investment.

How Much Heat do They Really Save?

One of the most compelling reasons to buy them and make the switch is because of how much money they can save you on your heating bill. While it’s certainly true that energy-efficient windows will save a ton of heat it helps to know why and how they do it.

Odds are your old windows are constructed with a single pane which is one of the reasons why they lose so much heat. A single pane doesn’t really do much in terms of keeping heat inside the house. Modern energy-saving windows are made with multiple panes which helps prevent heat from escaping the home.

Think of it this way, would you rather have three layers of protection or just one? That’s the key difference between conventional old windows and energy-efficient windows. You can save well over $300 a year by switching to energy-efficient windows.

After comparing the two, conventional single-pane windows just don’t hold up to energy-saving windows with multiple panes. Another advantage to having energy-saving windows is that they’re good for the environment. Every time you turn up the heat to compensate for the loss of heat through single-pane windows, you’re wasting energy. By helping you save all of that heat, money isn’t the only thing you’ll be saving, you’ll be making a smaller environmental footprint by using less heat.

Why You Shouldn’t Install Them By Yourself

Some homeowners think that they can save a few bucks by installing energy-efficient windows on their own. As you might expect, this is a bad idea on steroids, and yet many homeowners try it anyway and don’t discover the cons until it’s too late.

Tempting as it may seem, installing energy-efficient windows just isn’t worth the risk. You’ll save a lot more money by partnering with a qualified contractor like Energy Pro Windows & Siding.

Find the Right Contractor to Install Your Energy-Efficient Windows

Although the fact that getting them installed can save you a ton of money is indisputable in concept, you won’t save nearly as much money as you should be able to unless you partner with the right installer. The only thing worse than trying to install them yourself is to pick the wrong contractor for the job. Unless you pick a qualified Kansas City contractor with a good reputation, you’ll lose money either way.

If you choose someone who is inexperienced or who does shoddy work you won’t save a dime by getting energy-efficient windows. The most critical part of getting energy-efficient windows as an investment is to pick the best contractor for the job.

In summary, energy-efficient windows can save you a ton of money, if they’re installed correctly and professionally.

Save Heat and Money with Energy Pro Windows & Siding

Now that you know why energy-efficient windows are such a good investment it’s time to get started. The road to energy savings starts with a phone call with the window installation experts at Energy Pro Windows and Siding of Kansas City. Don’t hesitate to call, remember, you’re losing money every day you go on with those old single-pane windows!

You can start saving today when you call Energy Pro Windows & Siding and ask about the benefits of energy-efficient windows!

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