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Choosing your new siding color can be as difficult as making up your mind on the siding material. The color of your siding can not only help your home look better but make you happier, as well.

The color of siding on your home can make it appear bigger, smaller, cheerful, and add to its overall curb appeal. Mostly, it’s down to your own personal taste, but there are other considerations.

New Siding Color Considerations

Choosing the siding color for your home needs some careful thought. You have to live with it for a long time, so pick something that will make you happy and enhance your home.

House Size

Choosing a siding color will have an impact on your home and emphasize its size. Lighter colors can make a smaller home look even smaller. However, lighter colors can also take the viewer’s eye off of certain features you don’t want standing out.

While darker colors can highlight certain features and make a smaller home stand out more, they can also make a home with a lot of open spaces seem bulky or heavy.

Roof Color

The color of your roof needs to be considered when looking at siding color. You don’t want the two to clash with each other. If your roof is relatively new, then you need to pick colors that will match or complement the roof.

You do want to avoid matching the roof and the siding color too closely. You want to have some contrast and definition between the two. Keep in the same area with the color of the siding, but not exactly the same.


While it really is your own choice when picking siding color, you don’t want anything that makes you stand out too much in the area. Plus, if you live in an area that has a homeowner’s association, there may be restrictions on what they will allow.

Keeping in tune with what is going on with the rest of the houses in your neighborhood is a good idea. A bright pink house might seem like a good idea, but you should stick to colors found in nature and more moderate colors.

House Style

There are certain styles of homes that tend to be the same color. But that doesn’t mean it has to be. White houses have often been deemed a safe color but you don’t have to.

Plus, you can choose more than one color. Choose an accent for shutters, doors, windows, railings, and even your gutters. You can go with shades of the same color or choose something from the opposite end.

If you are using a lighter color for your siding, you can get bold with the accents and trims. It will make everything stand out and give the home depth and texture.

Permanent Parts

There are elements to your home and yard that are already there. The roof, brickwork, chimney, garden, driveway, and sidewalk. If the bricks have flecks of grey or blue, choose siding color to bring that out more.

Very often, earth tones and natural colors work well and they work well together. If you have a lot of large trees, you don’t want green siding as your home will vanish.

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Here at Energy Pro Windows and Siding, we’re no strangers to the challenges that face Kansas City homeowners.

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