How Much is Window Replacement in Kansas City?

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When planning for window replacement in Kansas City, the first question is usually, “How much does a new window cost?” And like most things in life, the answer is: it depends.

The type of window you choose, the size, and the brand all play a roll in increasing or decreasing the cost of your window replacement. Here at Energy Pro, we believe in giving you choice and selection based on your needs budget. That means we won’t push one specific brand at you. Instead, we offer you a wide variety to choose from.

Good, Better, and Best

Most companies offer products that are good, and usually inexpensive; better, at a mid-range price; and best, which are the most expensive. We generally recommend staying in the mid-range to get the best quality without hurting your budget. 

Inexpensive Double Hung Windows

In some cases, such as replacing windows in a rental home, you may simply want cheap yet energy efficient windows. One of our manufacturing partners, Joyce, offers an excellent double hung window at just $575. That price includes tax, removal of the old windows, site cleanup, etc. 

These are quality, energy-efficient windows that tilt in for cleaning and like all of our windows: come with a lifetime guarantee. The guarantee can be transferred to new owners as well, which increases the resale value of the property.

Mid-Range Window Replacement in Kansas City

A typical 3×5-foot double hung window replacement in Kansas City runs $700-900. And while window replacements can run as high as $2500 each, most people in this area will spend $700-$1000 for a superior mid-range window that doesn’t strain the budget.

We can offer this price range because we buy direct from the manufacturer, saving you the extra costs from middleman markups.

These windows have the highest energy-efficient ratings available anywhere. And they outperform the federal government requirements for receiving an energy star rating. For windows to classify as energy star rated, they must resist air-infiltration leaks.

To get this rating, window air leaks are measured in 25-mile an hour wind. They must allow no more than 0.30 cfm/sf (cubic feet per minute per square foot). The mid-range double hung Joyce Manufacturing windows we use measure 0.09 cfm/sf, and the casement windows are as low as 0.04. These are dramatically superior to the baseline energy star rated windows.

Mid-Range Casement Windows

Casement windows also fall into the middle price range, though they are more expensive than standard double hung. Generally, casement windows run $800-1100 each.

Sometimes these can be replaced with less expensive windows, such as a double slider, to help reduce the overall cost. Be aware that not all manufacturers have casement windows. In fact, out of the top five most popular window manufacturer brands, there are only two that we recommend for casement windows.

Variety Window Replacement in Kansas City

Variety windows, such as a bay window, tend to be the most expensive, ranging from $4500-7000. The total cost depends heavily on the installation needs and desired application. If extra carpentry and framing work is needed, for instance, that increases the costs.

Other expensive windows are also influenced by specialty needs. A high-end architectural window, or one that needs a full frame replacement, will be more expensive than a simple double hung window replacement.

Energy Pro Offers Expert Installation Services

When buying new windows to replace in your home, relying on experts is key to having lifelong value. A big box national store often pushes big name brands at you for higher prices, then hires general contractors to do the install. General contractors may work on bathrooms one day, and kitchens another, potentially not installing a window for months at a time.

We only do window installations, and that allows us to know the finer details involved. Contact us today for a free quote. Our team brings over 125 years of combined experience with window replacements in Kansas City, and we’d like to provide that expertise to you. 

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