How is a replacement door installed?

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Have you ever wondered how you go about getting a replacement door installed? Doors are one of the most important components for the security of your home and they also have a huge bearing on insulation strength. Several of our customers seek replacement doors to accommodate those very significant issues.

The Basics of Getting Your Replacement Door Installed

Replacing a door begins with removing the entryway from its original framework. First, you remove the exterior trim on entry doors (usually composed of brick mold), then remove the slabs, pull the interior casing and woodwork, take out the interior framework all the way to the studs on each side, and replace anything with wood rot or other damage.

Finally, once you’ve done any necessary trimming to the interior and exterior, you can install a new door. As you do this, remember to purchase all requisite hardware items separately at a department store. This includes doorknobs, locks, handles, deadbolts, hinges, and anything else you want on your door.

How long does all of this take? The project length is contingent upon how much structural damage we find, so depending on the amount of wood rot present, doing a door installation takes us about two to four hours.

Door Types

Energy Pro Windows & Siding regularly installs many different types of doors. These include:

The Albany doors are very popular because they’re very strong and offer excellent protection. They also offer solid energy efficiency and are highly customizable.

Provia doors are pretty versatile since they’re suitable for entry, patios, storm dorms, sliding doors, and more. We also install a whole range of sliding doors. Chances are if it’s a certain type of door you want to be installed, we’ve put that version in somewhere in Kansas City already.

So, before you get a replacement door installed, be sure to review and select the appropriate style that matches the rest of the home’s exterior and interior.

Door Sizing and Shaping

It’s much easier to make a smaller door opening than a large one. If you elect to move to something larger, you’ll need to employ the services of a framer as well as a contractor, and then obtain a building permit. Changing shapes and sizes can be difficult especially if we find wood rot or other structural problems in the process.

Important Caveat

Be aware that most cities have particular ordinances regarding the size of a doorway entry. It’s common for municipal building codes to require a 36-inch entryway on both the front and rear entries to your home. Always check with a knowledgeable professional before embarking on a door project so that you can avoid legal or safety problems.

Also, don’t forget to check out our previous post on six factors to consider when choosing a new front door.

Get Your Replacement Door Installed by Energy Pro Windows & Siding

For all those reasons, we think it’s a wise decision for you to invest in our door installation services. Our crew at Energy Pro Windows & Siding can put your door together quickly, properly, and with the best materials without taking any shortcuts. Replacing a door is a complex task unless you’re just taking it on and off the hinges.

You should call us to install an upgrade door because of what we mentioned above. Also, when you get it done through us, you’re utilizing the service of the best window, door, and siding technicians in the Kansas City area. Don’t take our word for it but instead listen to the online reviewers who have given us a 5-star review more than 100 times!

Energy Pro is a licensed contractor and can assist with all permitting and code compliance.

If you need a replacement door installed for any reason, contact us today and we’ll get a dedicated technician to your home immediately.

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