6 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a New Front Door

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Choosing a new front door comes down to a lot more than how it will look. Most of us don’t think about our front door until we need to. But there is far more to your door than who is on the other side.

You need to think about security, material, soundproofing, and how well it matches your home. That’s a lot to consider already. Then there is cost, installation, and whether to go custom-made.

6 Factors to Keep in Mind When Choosing a New Front Door

Besides choosing a new front door, you need to consider all the accessories that go with it. Some features you want may be standard, or they may not.

1. Security

It doesn’t matter how beautiful your new front door is, you need to think about security. Security means more than a heavy lock. The material of the door, the frame, hinges, and the installation all contribute to the security.

When choosing a new front door, make sure you ask about security. There are certain design features that also help your door’s security, like types of glass, if any, reinforcements, and other features.

2. Durability

Another very important aspect of choosing a new front door is finding one that will last. When you invest in a great front door, you want one that you won’t have to worry about.

Durable materials, hinges, solid construction and design, and a good warranty will help that new front door last many years. The climate of where you live will also affect the longevity of your new door.

3. Maintenance

This is often an overlooked aspect of choosing a new front door. Certain materials that you choose require a lot more attention. Wood needs more work than metal or glass.

This can depend on the rest of your home, the climate, and how much time you have to worry about your front door. Damp, heat, cold can all make a door react in ways that will require more work.

4. Glass or No Glass

Some doors have a beautiful design that might be ruined with glass in them. Others can be made entirely of glass. Glass doors can be made from safety glass that keeps you safe and acts as great insulators.

Maybe you want a smaller window that simply allows a bit of light in, adds a nice design to the door, and allows you to see who is outside. Glass can be clear, opaque, or patterned.

5. Color

Choosing a new front needs to fit in with the rest of your home. While it’s fine for your door to stand out and shine, you may not want to get too extravagant. That said, choose whatever you like.

Your door is an invitation into your home, a reflection of your own style and personality, and often, the first thing people notice. Most doors can be painted, stained, or built in any color under the sun. Have fun.

6. Accessories

When you are choosing your new front door, you also need to choose the hinges, doorknobs, locks, door knocker, handles, and even a mail slot. Don’t just go with the first option you see.

These features can really make a bold statement on your new front door. They also play a big role in the security, overall look, and your own personal style.

Choosing a New Front Door

If you are finding it difficult to make up your mind, perhaps a custom-made door will suit you. We can help you get just what you want here at Energy Pro.

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