How is a Bay Window Installed?

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Have you ever wanted to get a new bay window installed in your home? It’s a great decision if you choose to do so because bay windows are beautiful, add space to your home, and ultimately bolster the value of your property. It’s not a coincidence that they’ve become one of the most popular window styles for modern homes.

Let’s take a look at the actual process of installing a bay window.

Not The Same as Replacing a Regular Window

The first thing we should mention is that the installation process is a little more difficult and time-consuming, owing to the fact that you need to take out the entire window structure. On an ordinary window, we would leave the window frame and simply insert a new replacement into it. Things aren’t so simple with a bay window installation.

Bay windows require us to undo the entire window structure back to the original framing of the house. It means tearing out the old window, all the way back to the studs, addressing structural damage (if applicable), then finally installing the bay window by capping the outsides and inserting insulation.

As a precaution, we always make sure we don’t inadvertently damage your furniture or walls, so we tarp off everything and cover anything valuable. We promise to clean up all the dust and excess that get loose during the process.

Watching Out For Wood Rot or Structural Damage

As we mentioned, there is always the possibility that we run into some wood rot or damage when we go to get the install the bay window. Obviously, we wouldn’t want to leave any problems like that unattended. It’s not uncommon for you to have this problem if there was ever any kind of gap in the caulking.

This is an opportunity for us to not only install a terrific new window but also shore up some problems that contribute to unwanted outside air entering your home.

Many Different Options When Getting a Bay Window Installed

One of the best parts about getting a bay window installed is that you have plenty of replacement options available. Here are just a sample of bay window choices:

  • Double-hung window
    Double-hung windows tend to be superior in terms of ventilation when you compare them with single-hung windows. This can really pay dividends when you’re trying to cool your home during the stuffy Missouri summer.
  • Casement window
    This window opens by turning a crank. You don’t slide it up or down like a conventional window. Instead, it tilts inward. Bay windows might have any number of small casement windows, providing you with several adjustment options.
  • . . . and many more!

We mention these window details because these are the sorts of augmentations you can do as you get your bay window installed properly. It would be much harder to make adjustments after the project is complete. Therefore, it’s a good idea to think of these design choices while selecting your overall bay window style.

Bay Window Installed: Only by the Pros

Given all the complexity we’ve shown you, it’s best to leave the installation of bay windows to the pros. Yes, there are plenty of ways to “do it yourself,” but that leaves you vulnerable to getting something wrong that could impact the integrity of the window or compromise the insulation.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding has an experienced team of trained and certified technicians who are experts at any kind of window replacement. We handle all sorts of installations and repairs like these.

Energy Pro is a licensed contractor and can assist with all permitting and code compliance.

If you need a new bay window installed and live in the Kansas City area, then Energy Pro Windows & Siding is at your service, so contact us to find out more at 913-390-9000 (Kansas City) or 816-331-7403 (Missouri).

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