Five Things You Should Know About Siding Installation

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Five Things You Should Know About Siding Installation

If you’re a homeowner in Kansas City, Liberty, Lee’s Summit, Lenexa, Belton, MO, or anywhere else in the surrounding area, then chances are you’ve considered vinyl siding for your house. But many homeowners still have questions about siding installation and the many benefits that siding can offer, especially here in the Midwest, so here are five things that you should know about siding installation in Kansas City before you make a decision:

When should you consider siding installation? The answer, of course, is any time you like, but there are certain signs that may indicate that your home could benefit from vinyl siding sooner rather than later. Obviously if your home’s paint is fading or chipping, then a siding installation may be a great solution, but siding can also help if you’re experiencing drafts coming in from outside, heat loss during the wintertime, difficulty keeping the house cool in the summer, or higher energy bills all year round. Siding can help provide a more energy efficient “envelope” for your home to keep the heat and cold where it belongs, and help make your energy bills more manageable.

What does vinyl siding do? Well, it obviously looks good, and what’s more it stays looking good longer than many of the other home-cladding options that are available to you, especially in Kansas City, where the weather is always changing and is often severe. Besides maintaining its looks over time, advanced composite polymetric siding helps to protect your home from the elements, including everything that Kansas City weather can throw at it, from torrential rains and high winds to hail storms and heavy snow.

When should you install siding? Whenever you need it. While the siding installation team may prefer to work in good weather (who doesn’t?), a professional siding installation company is available and able to clad your house in durable, attractive siding all year round!

What does “VSI-certified” mean? VSI is the Vinyl Siding Institute, and, as you can imagine from that name, a VSI-certified installer in Kansas City is one that has passed a rigorous certification program showing that they understand not only siding, but also the ins and outs of siding installation and—perhaps most importantly for your home—the specific challenges that siding faces in Kansas City, from summer storms to winter freezes.

So, who should install your siding? Ultimately, professionalism, skill, and craftsmanship will determine the success of your siding installation in Kansas City, so you should always choose an installer who is VSI-certified and has plenty of experience handling siding installations. Here at Energy Pro Windows and Siding, we’ve been providing energy-efficient cladding solutions for houses all over the Kansas City area since 2003, and we’d be happy to help you with your next siding installation!

Want to schedule a siding installation today or simply learn more about the siding options available to you? Contact Energy Pro Windows and Siding today!

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