What it Means to be a VSI-Certified Installer in Kansas City

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What it Means to be a VSI-Certified Installer in Kansas City

Thanks to its low maintenance cost, durability, value, and consistency of performance, vinyl siding has remained one of the most popular exterior cladding choices for homes in the United States for many years. Because vinyl siding holds up well under all sorts of weather, it is an essential element to home building here in the greater Kansas City area. But, as with any construction material, the performance of your vinyl siding is inextricably linked with how well it is installed. That’s why it’s important to have your vinyl siding installed by a VSI-certified installer in Kansas City.

What is VSI? The Vinyl Siding Institute is an independent organization designed to ensure that vinyl siding installers are trained in the best practices and latest methods when it comes to installing vinyl siding that will hold up to time, weather, and the realities of home ownership. To become a VSI-certified installer, an individual needs to demonstrate the skills and knowledge necessarily to install vinyl siding—as well as all related accessories—to the exacting requirements set forth in ASTM D4756, the industry-recognized standard for vinyl installation.

In order to become VSI-certified, installers must take a class with a trainer certified by the Vinyl Siding Institute and pass an exam demonstrating their knowledge of vinyl siding and the standards set forth in ASTM D4756. What this means for you, the homeowner, is that the person installing your home’s cladding will know all the ins and outs of vinyl siding installation, including the specific challenges faced by homes in the Kansas City area. The end result? A product that’s more likely to hold up to wear and tear, and a job that you know is done right the first time. That means more than just a good siding installation; it also means peace of mind for you and your family.

Here at Energy Pro Windows and Siding, we’re proud to be a VSI-certified siding installer in Kansas City. We have years of experience helping area families and their homes weather the Kansas City climate, and part of the reason we can do that is because we know vinyl siding inside and out. Our vinyl installation process is backed by trained installation experts utilizing the latest and most proven techniques. For us, VSI certification is about more than just installation, though. It also means that our vinyl siding products meet or exceed the quality and performance expectations that are the industry standard. We believe that your family deserves the best, and we’re here to provide the best in siding quality, installation experience, and industry know-how.

Working with a VSI-certified installer in Kansas City also means that all your vinyl siding installation services and products have been checked by an accredited third-party testing and quality assurance inspector, so you’ll know that you’re getting the best quality siding and installation available. If you’re interested in the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your home’s siding was installed by pros who know vinyl siding inside and out, contact Energy Pro Windows and Siding today!