Common Kansas City Siding Problems You Need to Deal With

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Your Kansas City siding is meant to last for many years, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have problems. As it is there to protect your home, your siding also needs to be protected to keep your home safe from damages and still look great.

But like anything, there can be problems with your siding. They withstand a lot from the extreme weather, trees, animals, and other things that can cause them damage.

Common Kansas City Siding Problems

Depending on the type of siding you have, these problems that occur will vary.


Moisture is an element that is unavoidable. But moisture getting into your siding should be avoided. Water can do a lot of damage and it’s not always apparent that there is a problem until it is quite bad.

This can cause a lot of damage to your home, as well, which is why we have siding in the first place. If there are leaks inside the home, this is a serious repair problem.

Buckling or Warping

Your siding needs a bit of room to expand due to different weather conditions. If it is too tight on the side of the house, it won’t have the space it needs to expand, and it will warp or buckle. This is an installation problem.

There should be a bit of wiggle to your Kansas City siding, so that you can move it a little bit. If not, it needs to be reinstalled, or face the issues of it getting damaged.


The sunlight hitting your siding will eventually cause it to fade. Because the sun doesn’t land on all of the same areas of your home evenly, you will get some spots that are faded more than others.

This discoloration can make your home look a bit shabby and older than it needs to. However, it’s not just a cosmetic concern, as the siding will eventually crack.


If your Kansas City siding is too tight or too loose, it can make noise. The wind whistling through it will be very noisy, it will be way louder than it needs to be when being hit by rain.

There can be popping, cracking, or rattling noises that come from poorly installed siding. If the wind is getting underneath your siding, it can start to get pulled loose.


Siding can get cracked, hit with tree branches, the kids playing, hail, rain, sleet, the car hitting it, animal damage, pests can get in or under your siding, and it can get dented, chipped, or pulled away from the house.

These need to be looked at and repaired right away. The longer they are left, the worse they become. You don’t want your home exposed to the elements, as that will cause damage and cost a lot to repair.

Shoddy Maintenance

Your Kansas City siding is built to last, but it doesn’t mean it doesn’t still need attention. It is recommended that you have your siding inspected at least once a year, and perhaps after a huge storm.

Kansas City Siding

You can follow this link to find out more about siding or simply contact us here at Energy Pro for more information. We have a range of textures and colors to accentuate your style and accommodate your budget.

Your siding is an important aspect to keeping your home safe, controlling the temperature, and keeping your home looking great, as well. Siding from Energy Pro is a beautiful solution to what’s beating down your house and raising your utility bills.

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