3 Major Mistakes That Can Cost You By Getting Poorly Installed Siding

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3 Major Mistakes That Can Cost You By Getting Poorly Installed Siding


You’re feeling pretty proud of your new siding installation job, aren’t you? There’s nothing like new siding to give an old house a much-needed new look. Suddenly the old, familiar, faded exterior looks brand new again, and the neighbors are wondering how you accomplished that. But don’t pat yourself on the back just yet. New siding may result in unexpected costs in the future if it isn’t installed correctly in the first place.


If you’re a homeowner in Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, or Liberty, MO, you will do well to pay as much attention to the siding installation process as to the finished look you’re trying to achieve with that new siding. Replacement siding is a considerable investment, but a poor installation job can cost you for years to come.


Cost-Saving Tips from the Siding Pros at Energy Pro


The siding professionals at Energy Pro Windows and Siding have a few cautionary tips for area homeowners when it comes to siding installation. By paying attention to these details during the installation process, you can be sure that your new siding protects your home and family from Kansas City’s weather conditions for years to come – without costing you a penny more!


Mistake #1: Insufficient Insulation Results in Increased Utility Bills


Siding is supposed to protect your home from the elements, right? Wind, rain, sun, hail, snow…none of it should impact you and your family when you’re inside your home. That’s the function of siding. However, when siding “professionals” don’t use enough or the right type of insulation during the installation process, you may end up with higher utility bills. That insulation is a critical component – it’s what really keeps your place at a constant temperature throughout the year, regardless of what’s happening outside.


Insulated siding has a solid wall of insulating material behind the boards, which displaces air and creates a firmer structure. Because the air has been removed, you’re no longer as susceptible to outside temperature fluctuations, and the insulation is designed to keep warm or cool air in (depending on the season) and outside air out. Insulated siding increases the R-value of your walls, making your home more energy-efficient and lowering your utility bills. In fact, in some states, you may qualify for rebates and incentives as a reward for your cost-cutting measures. It’s far better to get money back rather than pay it out in increased heating and cooling bills.


Make sure the installation professionals you choose for the job know what they’re doing and use the proper types and amounts of insulated siding for your area of the country.


Mistake #2: Insufficient Waterproof Barrier Leads to Health and Safety Issues


During the siding installation process, your siding professionals should lay down a waterproof barrier, called a house wrap, between the walls of your house and the siding itself. This water-resistive barrier is designed to keep water out of your home in the event that it gets underneath the siding, while still allowing the walls to “breathe” a bit. When this step is missed or is done incorrectly, your home may end up with water stains and leaks, either inside or out. Trapped moisture is one of your home’s worst enemies, and cleaning up the results of a leak in the siding can be time-consuming and quite expensive.


Also, trapped moisture behind your siding may result in the growth of mold or mildew, both of which are toxic. Many people have sensitivities or allergies to mold and mildew. Living in a damp, moldy environment can cause a variety of health problems including nasal, skin, or eye irritation, coughing or wheezing, or a scratchy throat. In more severe cases, people may experience chronic lung illnesses and irritations.


Make sure your siding professionals are real experts and ask us about the waterproof barrier they’re installing. Installing it correctly will not only save you money in the long run; it’ll protect your family’s health, too…a much bigger cost saving.


Mistake #3: A Poor Installation Job May Negate Your Warranty


Believe it or not, a poor siding installation job may impact the warranty that came with the siding. Boards that are nailed on too tightly or that are too long for the allotted space, causing us to butt up against window and door trims too tightly, can result in buckling and warping. Not only does this look bad; it interferes with the protective properties of the siding. Siding also needs to be able to expand and contract with the changes in outside temperatures. If the siding is installed improperly, this feature may not work as it’s intended to. This can also cause cracking or buckling. Once the integrity of the siding is breached, moisture has a better chance of penetrating, and once that happens, you’re back to dealing with the issues mentioned above.


Warped, cracked, or buckled siding needs to be replaced as soon as possible to keep the exterior of your home safe and protected. But if it turns out that the damage to the boards is due to a poor installation job, the warranty on the siding may not cover you, leading to costly out-of-pocket repairs.


Don’t Take Chances – Use the Siding Pros at Energy Pro


In order to avoid any future costs associated with your new siding, it’s essential to have it installed correctly in the first place. Homeowners in Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, and Leawood, KS, will be happy to know that Energy Pro Windows and Siding offers professional siding installation that alleviates all of the above issues and more. We’ve been serving the Kansas City metro area since 2003, and we take pride in being Kansas City’s top siding pros. Give us a call today for more information on siding installation. You’ll be glad you did!

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