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LP Diamond Kote Siding

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Picking out siding can be a riveting experience. It’s something that you should be able to have fun with. While the process of choosing a type of siding for your house can be fun, keep in mind that choosing a type of siding is a big decision. When it comes to making a decision on siding, a little information can go a long way. Here’s why you should choose LP Diamond Kote siding for your Kansas City home.

What Is LP Diamond Kote Siding

For those of you who are unfamiliar with LP siding here’s the rundown. LP is a type of siding, a very good one that comes highly recommended. LP stands for Louisiana Pacific, and LP siding is a sturdy type of wood siding that’s prized for its longevity and durability.

As a material, LP siding stands up to the elements quite admirably, especially considering it’s wood. LP siding is all but impervious to common threats like termites, and rot. Homes outfitted with LP siding are well-protected from the elements and the adversity of the weather.

Now that you have a clear understanding of what siding is and why it’s so advantageous, it’s time to learn about Diamond Kote. While LP is a type of siding, Diamond Kote is a special finish. This finish can add years of life to LP siding and protect it from harsh UV rays.

When you combine the longevity and durability of LP siding with the protective qualities and stunning aesthetics of a Diamond Kote finish you have sheer perfection.

Why You Should opt for LP Diamond Kote Siding

When shopping for siding, you should think of it as an investment, one that you’re going to want to yield value in the long term. Siding with a Diamond Kote finish is one of the absolute best home improvement investments in the long run.

Siding that is not treated with a Diamond Kote finish rapidly becomes dull and loses its color over time. The UV rays of the sun beat down on your siding every day and all of that sunlight takes a toll on your siding. What was once bright, vibrant yellow siding will turn into a dull, pale mustard-like color after years of exposure to the sun’s rays.

Diamond Kote solves this problem and helps siding retain its color. While paint fades and yields to sunlight over time, Diamond Kote is made from rock extracts which make it much more robust and long-lasting.

Customize it!

With 30+ color options, Diamond Kote finishes come in nearly any color that you can think of. By choosing that siding for your Kansas City home you’ll have the best of both worlds in terms of protection and customization.

All in all, LP siding is worth the investment, your home will look spectacular and will stand up to the elements with ease for many years! Diamond Kote comes with a 30-year warranty which means you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Have Your LP Diamond Kote Siding Installed Today, by Energy Pro Windows & Siding

As you’ve discovered, LP Diamond Kote siding is a great investment for any home, especially for anyone living in the Kansas City area. We earn the trust of every customer one job at a time. When you’re ready to give your home the upgrade it deserves, be sure to call the name that the people of Kansas City trust, Energy Pro Windows & Siding.

Let’s get the ball rolling, have a chat with Energy Pro Windows & Siding and ask about the advantages of LP Diamond Kote siding!

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