6 Tips for Choosing the Right Siding for Your Kansas City Home

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Most of us don’t buy siding very often, so how do you choose the right siding for your home? With so many options available, it can be a bit daunting. There is more to siding than just how it looks.

Your siding is there to protect your house, so it’s vital that you find the best siding for your situation, climate, and budget. Not all siding is made the same, so you need to do your homework.

6 Tips for Choosing the Right Siding for Your Kansas City Home

Siding replacement is a big job and not one you can just jump into. You need to consider all of your options first.

1. Size of Your House

Obviously, the size of your will be a factor when choosing the right siding. The larger the house, the more siding is required. This can eat up your entire budget.

In this case, you want to find something affordable and durable. There are many types of siding available that can be made to look like some other material for a fraction of the price.

2. Required Maintenance

For those who want to get their siding installed and forget it, then you need to choose the right siding material. Some materials, like wood, require a lot of maintenance.

Other sidings, like vinyl or fiber cement, will function without a lot of care. This is important for homeowners who don’t have the time or money to keep repairing and painting their siding.

3. Climate

Where you live will obviously have a big impact on your choice of siding. Some siding will not tolerate a lot of wind, rain, snow, or rapid temperature changes.

Some siding needs UV protection from the sun to prevent it from fading. If you live where it is damp a lot, then you need siding that won’t rot or become damaged by water easily.

4. Color

Choosing the right siding for your home needs to include color. Think about the neighborhood, the style of your home, the size of your house, and what the rest of your property is like.

Climate will also be a factor. If you live where it is cloudy and damp, bright colors will work nicely to make it all more cheery. You also need to consider the trim, the roof, and your doors.

5. Energy Efficiency

How well your siding helps your home control the temperature is going to factor in when choosing the right siding for your home. Some siding will work very well to provide insulation.

This means lower energy bills and less wasted energy. Some siding can be insulated to provide even extra coverage. Many people choose their siding on how well it will help insulate the home.

6. Resale Value

Even if you are not thinking about listing your home for sale now, you can still up the curb appeal with your new siding. If you are thinking about listing it, new siding will increase your chances of a faster sale.

New siding to a potential buyer is a big deal, as they will know it is a big job they will not have to worry about for many years to come. You have a far better chance of getting closer to your asking price.

Choosing the Right Siding

If you need help choosing the right siding, please contact us here at Energy Pro. You can also follow this link for some great ideas. Contact a professional with all your siding questions and make sure you get the best siding for your home.

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