5 Tips When Deciding on a New Front Door

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Most of us likely don’t give much thought to our front door. Use it to recognize our house when we drive home, but unless we need a new one, we don’t think about it.

But our front door is something everyone else can see. It’s the entry into our home and as much a part of our house as everything else. So when you are looking for a new one, here are some tips to find the perfect one.

5 Tips When Deciding on a New Front Door

Your front door is more than a way in. It needs to provide security, help control the temperature, and suit the style of your home.

1. Materials

There are different materials you can have for your front door. Steel wood and fiberglass are the most popular. Most doors are made with a steel frame and high-tech insulation inside.

But you have a lot of choices for the appearance of your door. The outside can be finished in many different types of custom material, like steel, wood, porcelain, concrete, glass, or lacquer.

2. Security

Obviously, security is going to be high on the lists of priorities when it comes to your new front door. A solid door made of strong material will help keep your home safe.

Locks, hinges, and other hardware that help keep doors and your home safe should definitely be considered. Your door is only as strong as your frame around the door, so make sure that it is strong.

Steer clear of large panes of glass if security is a concern for you. Glass doors look great but if you do choose to go with that, make sure they are secured and smash-proof.

3. Technology

Front doors can be their own security with a built-in security camera to monitor the door even when you are not home. Add in some motion lights and this will help you see your way in, and clearly see faces of who may be at your door.

This is ideal for those who work different shifts, need to travel, or just want to boost their security. You can check to see who is at your door from an app on your device even when you are not there.

4. Energy Efficiency

All the double-glazing and insulation won’t matter much if your front door is leaky and allows in drafts. That is down to the door, the door’s insulation, and the weatherstripping needs to be sealed properly.

There should be no gaps or spaces around the door when it is closed. The weatherstripping should be tightly in place to keep the heat or cold from getting in or out.

Most doors are now made with several layers for security and energy efficiency. Most will have thermal protection to keep the cold or heat from penetrating the door.

5. Installation

This is not a job you should do on your own. Hanging the door incorrectly can be disastrous. Plus, the door may need adjustments when being installed, and that requires professionals.

That way, if something goes wrong, they will take care of it. Plus, if you make a real mess, you can get injured or cause more damage to your house. Trust the experts for this one.

New Front Doors

Instead of heading out to your favorite big box store for your new front door, why not trust a company that knows doors. Give us a call here at Energy Pro and set up an appointment and we can come to check out your door and find the best solution for your front door needs.

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