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There are some decisions in life that are more important than others. Some of those decisions carry an immeasurable amount of weight to them, the kind of weight that can affect you for many years of your life. One such decision is what color of siding you desire for your home. Dramatics aside, choosing a siding color is serious business, and it’s a decision that merits a lot of thought. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision when choosing a siding color.

1. Choose a Color That Matches Your Personality

When choosing a siding color it’s essential to choose a color that reflects your personality. You are unique, and your siding should be too. By choosing a siding color that suits your unique personality your house will be more like a home as it will be more like an extension of yourself.

Even if you have extremely particular or specific tastes in terms of color you should work a company that has access to a wide range of siding options to find the best color for you. Energy Pro Windows & Siding is dedicated to helping customers find the siding they want in the exact color that they desire.

2. Pick a Color That Doesn’t Stain Easily

While having a house with bright white siding might sound charming or even quaint, seeing the same house covered in stains isn’t such a pretty picture. In fact, it can be so unsettling that you should steer clear of light colors like white altogether.

One exception to this rule is if you are perfectly comfortable with the possibility that you might have to power wash your entire house somewhat regularly. If that crisp, clean white look is worth it to you, then go with white siding. On the other hand, for those of you who abhor maintenance, light colors like a pure white might not be the best choice for siding color for you.

3. Select a Color That will Stand the Test of Time

Although it’s important to choose a color that reflects your own unique personality, it’s also vital that you choose a color that will stand the test of time. Of course, if you don’t really care about the vicissitudes of style or what your neighbors might think, then by all means go ahead and slap on some vibrant pink or purple siding! If, however, you do care about what’s in style and what your neighbors think about your taste in siding, you’ll want to choose a more classical color.

4. Ask the Family

One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make when choosing a siding color is choosing a color that appeals to them and only them. When you leave your family out of the decision it might come back to haunt you. Remember, if you have other family members living in the home you owe it to them to ask their opinion and see what they think.

If you commit to a color that your family hates you just might end up hating each other, don’t let that happen, the couch isn’t as comfortable as you might think!

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