When to Replace Siding Instead of Repair Siding on Your Home

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When to Replace Siding Instead of Repair Siding on Your Home

There are lots of different kinds of siding out there, including wood, aluminum, brick, fiber-cement, and stucco. What kind of siding does your home have? Whatever kind of siding is on your home, there’s a good chance that it has worn over time. Different types of siding hold up differently to the rigors of the Kansas City environment, including high winds, high heat, and sometimes heavy snows. If you have an older home, you may have already reached the point where repair is no longer an option and it’s time to replace siding instead. When that time comes, you may want to consider replacing your home’s current siding with affordable, durable vinyl siding, which offers a wide variety of benefits, especially when it comes to protecting your home from the elements.

Wood siding is a very popular choice for many homes all over the country. It offers a classic, natural appearance, and can be painted whatever color you like (assuming your neighborhood or homeowner association allows that sort of thing). However, wood is notorious for expanding and contracting as it heats up or cools down, and is also susceptible to rot and mold over time. If your home’s wood siding is beginning to give up the ghost, it may be time to replace your siding with something more durable and reliable.

Aluminum siding is another popular choice, but unfortunately it isn’t permanent. While even a soft metal like aluminum may seem like a pretty durable material to sheath your house in, the fact is that aluminum siding can easily become scratched or dented, especially during the not-infrequent hailstorms that we sometimes have during the summer months here in Kansas City.

Brick is another siding material that may seem pretty durable, but like any stone, brick can crack and chip over time. Brick siding is also vulnerable to mortar deterioration, which can lead to structural failures, especially if your home’s foundation is settling at all.

Besides these problems that are tied to specific types of popular siding materials, it’s a good idea to replace siding if you’re experiencing problems with rotting, warping, moisture seepage, higher-than-usual energy bills, or any problems with birds, insects, or other animals getting under your siding or, worse yet, into your house itself! And of course, anytime you feel that your home’s appearance is being negatively impacted by the condition of your old siding, it’s probably a good idea to replace siding rather than repair siding.

When you do replace your home’s siding, consider vinyl siding if your home doesn’t have it already. Vinyl siding has a variety of benefits, including better energy efficiency. Plus, the vinyl siding that we sell at Energy Pro Windows and Siding is engineered to stand up to whatever the elements can throw at it, which is important for homeowners here in Kansas City, where we experience extremes of heat and cold, heavy rains, high winds, and a whole lot more, often all in the same day.

So, if you’re ready to replace the siding on your home or would just like to learn more about the benefits of vinyl siding, contact Energy Pro Windows and Siding today!

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