What are the Different Styles of Siding Material to Choose From?

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There are many different styles of siding material you can choose from in the Kansas City area. And no matter who you speak to for new siding, be sure to verify that they can sell, install, and service all kinds—not just one or two types. This is particularly important because you don’t know for sure what you want installed on your house until you speak to someone about the pros and cons of each option.

A good example is aluminum siding. It’s an excellent product that lasts a very long time. There are installations in the KC area that are probably 25 years old and still look great. The problem is that in today’s market, aluminum siding is very expensive and it doesn’t have the same style of texture that’s popular with most homeowners today.

Different Styles of Siding Material in Kansas City

James Hardie Siding

James Hardie is probably the most popular right now, and many communities in our area require James Hardie siding for your property. Leewood, Lee Summit, and Parts of Overland Park already require it, and many outlying areas will soon require it as well.

James Hardie did not suffer from many of the production problems that other manufacturers did during the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s not oil-based like vinyl, thus it isn’t subjected to the price and supply issues of oil either. Likewise, since it’s not made of metal or steel, it’s immune to those supply chain price increases as well.

It’s a concrete composite product, that comes in hundreds of standard colors. You can also custom order from thousands more. Other suppliers, such as vinyl siding manufacturers, cut down the number of colors available during Covid, and now offer only those most popular.

James Hardie colors are top quality as well. On the sunny sides of your home, you’ll get a good 15-20 years of finish without fade. The shaded and shadowed areas will keep the finish 25 years.

We’re one of the top James Hardie siding companies in KC area. We install 50 a year in Kansas City, one every single week. That means we have tremendous buying power, and our installers are expertly familiar with the product.

Diamond Kote Siding

A little more expensive yet unique and beautiful, Diamond Kote is another excellent choice. It’s made by Louisiana Pacific, LP, and they’ve been making siding for 50 years.

The Diamond Kote product has thicker siding boards, giving it a deeper, richer grain, and creating a beautiful finish.

It integrates a waterproof system and an insect barrier by combining thousands of strands of wood with adhesive. Then it adds a wax-type finish on the back to repel water.

This siding also comes in many wonderful colors, and it create a great wood, almost cabin look on the exterior of your home.

Stone Siding

Actual stone siding is available too, with small slivers of stone that masons can fill in with mortar to make it look like a real full stone finish. This is popular in Johnson County, Liberty, Lee Summit, and other upper end communities.

How Much Do Siding Materials Cost?

Contractors refer to siding by the square. A square in contracting terms is a 10ft-by-10ft section, or 100 sq ft total. Siding is priced by the square and can range from a low end vinyl in the $700-800 range, up to a high end product that runs $1400-1500 per square.

Can You Mix Different Styles of Siding Material?

Yes. Mixing and matching siding materials is an excellent way to lower the overall project price.

A rental property owner might dress up inexpensive siding with a couple of hundred dollars adding shingles to a gable. Or a split-level home could use a square of stone for accent along the front. Both are low cost ways to improve the curb appeal and resale value of the property.

Let Us Help You Choose Siding Material

Give us a call or email to discuss your desired design elements. Seeing your ideas through photos and 3D models can help you choose the best different styles of siding material for your home.