What Can I Expect in Terms of Replacement Window Lifespan?

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When buying new windows, one of the first questions asked is about the replacement window lifespan. Customers want to know how much it will cost, and how long it will last.

Windows that don’t last obviously will cost more in the long run no matter how cheap they are in the beginning, right? So the lifespan is an extremely important component of choosing the best replacement windows for your home.

Wood Replacement Windows Have the Shortest Lifespan

Many window replacement companies sell wood or wood clad windows. Some of them may be clad with aluminum while others are clad with vinyl. These tend to have a five-to-ten-year warranty. Occasionally you’ll find some with a 20-year warranty and those warranties usually don’t apply to commercial applications.

The reason these warranties are short is because wood can be problematic in Kansas City’s weather environment. Wood rots from moisture, and our combination of hot summers, rainy seasons, and cold winters degrade window caulk and allow moisture to reach the wood.

Replacement Window Lifespan Guarantees

Vinyl and aluminum products are guaranteed for life.

Some vinyl windows are wood vinyl but we simply call it vinyl. They’re reinforced with aluminum or metal tracks, and this reinforcement is important because the insulated glass unit of your window is in two pieces. Those two pieces are glued together and the space between them is filled with argon and other gasses. These gasses are what give you the high insulation value for your windows.

If the window twists or warps, that could pop the seal and ruin the insulation value of the window.

Each manufacturer provides added structure in their own way. One popular window manufacturing company, Anderson Windows, mixes sawdust in from their manufacturing facility to give the window more integrity. Joyce Manufacturing uses aluminum rail, and Sunrise uses a metal window.

Some replacement windows even have fiberglass reinforcement, and you can get a composite window for added strength.

Regardless of which options you choose, the guarantee really speaks to the quality of the window. Without this level of guarantee, it’s probably not well made and is not a vinyl product.

The Guarantee is Transferable

The lifetime guarantee offered by most of our manufacturers can be easily transferred to a new owner. The cost is relatively inexpensive at around a hundred dollars.

A transferable lifetime guarantee on your windows means they will last as long as the house is standing. That’s an incredible value when buying the windows or when selling the home.

What the Guarantee Covers

The lifetime guarantee of your replacement windows covers all the parts. The glass, the seal on the glass, the screen, all the hardware, hinges, locks. These are all covered by lifetime guarantee and fully transferable. We’ll come out and replace or repair all those products at no charge.

Replacement Window Installation

Energy Pro also guarantees the installation for ten years. This is an added service guarantee that covers things that may have shifted in your house.

In Kansas City, we have terrible soil. Foundations sometimes shift when we get heavy rains, and this can cause problems with your windows.

So if your house shifts due to weak foundation or heavy rains, we’ll come back and service it for up to ten years. We’re happy to come make your window fit perfectly again.

Let Us Help You Choose Guaranteed Windows

Energy Pro sells products that have lifetime guarantees. The products are guaranteed not just for your life, but for the life of any subsequent owner. We also offer 10-year service guarantees, which means we’re here to help if you have foundation problems that affect your windows.

Contact us today to discover how your replacement window lifespan can last longer than your ownership of the home.

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