What are The Pros and Cons of Aluminum Replacement Windows?

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What are the pros and cons of aluminum replacement windows? As one of the most popular types of windows in demand among homeowners, knowing about its advantages, as well as disadvantages, is crucial to the decision-making process.

Read on to learn more about what you can expect from aluminum windows.

Why Do You Need to Consider Different Options in Addition to Aluminum Windows?

Although a popular option, aluminum windows are not ideal for every homeowner. One of the biggest complaints that many have with aluminum windows is that they conduct heat and cold. When you have very high or low temperatures, the windows allow more of the heat or cold into your home, making things much less comfortable.

Aluminum windows are not one of the most popular window options in the area because of the cold winters. In addition to the winter cold, the moisture amounts and shifting ground common in the area make different window materials more desirable. These factors can work against aluminum’s effectiveness, making your home uncomfortable.

In areas closer to the coast, homeowners may have issues with their windows rusting and corroding because of salt air. Although this is not a Kansas City-area issue, some homeowners may have concerns about the overall durability because of this, regardless. Many uses whether material is corrosion-proof to determine how they perceive its overall quality, often opting not to use anything that corrodes very easily.

What Are the High Points in the Pros and Cons of Aluminum Replacement Windows?

How do you determine the high points in the pros and cons of aluminum replacement windows? Many would argue that the pros outweigh the cons by a considerable margin. With the advantages being greater, homeowners will consider these windows to offer a great return for the initial investment.

One of the most significant advantages of aluminum is its overall durability. All the fasteners used in aluminum windows are welded into place, eliminating the possibility of the fasteners coming loose. The chances of extensive repairs being required are minimal for these types of windows because of their overall durability.

Aluminum is also the most affordable option for windows, being more cost-effective than fiberglass and wood. The only type of window that aluminum window is more expensive than is vinyl. Having an attractive option than meets all your needs is worth this cost.

Choosing aluminum is also a sustainable choice. These windows usually last for a long time and require almost no maintenance. You won’t have to think about replacing these windows very often if installed properly.

What Else Do You Need to Consider Before Getting Aluminum Windows?

One of the things that you may need to consider is whether you want your aluminum windows used alone or in tandem with wood windows. Using aluminum storm windows and wood interior windows was once a common practice in the Midwest. This combination helped block out excess cold air.

Although most homeowners will prefer aluminum alone, they may want to keep an open mind about the possible options available. Every home has slightly different architectural needs. There are enough options that you can usually find something perfect for your home’s exterior that fits in.

If you live in a deed-restricted neighborhood or city with strict requirements, you may need to think about selecting windows to conform to these requirements. Installing non-conforming windows may result in fines from the HOA or the city. Making sure that the windows comply with these requirements is the best way to avoid any problems.

Energy Pro Windows & Siding installs replacement windows to suit every type of home need. If you need to have any of your windows replaced or have questions, contact us today to ask what are the pros and cons of aluminum replacement windows.

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