Vinyl Siding in Kansas City Offers Energy-Efficient, Beautiful Solutions

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Vinyl Siding in Kansas City Offers Energy-Efficient, Beautiful Solutions

As anyone who has spent much time in the Kansas City area can tell you, the Midwest sees just about every kind of weather imaginable in the course of a year. We can go from freezing temperatures in winter to broiling in the summer, from high winds and pounding rains to hail, and often we cycle from one extreme to another all in the course of a single day. So homes in Kansas City need to be built to last, and made of materials that are tough enough to weather all the extremes of the KC climate. Here at Energy Pro Windows, we’ve been siding Kansas City since 2003, so we know what it takes to help homes hold up against the worst that Mother Nature can throw at us, but we also know that vinyl siding does more than just stand up to the heat, the cold, and the storms.

Vinyl siding does more than protect your home; it also insulates your wallet. How? By preventing energy loss in your home, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, and helping to keep your utility bills lower. Even then, that’s not the end of the advantages that vinyl siding brings to homeowners in Kansas City, Liberty, Lee’s Summit, Lenexa, Lake Lotawana, Belton, MO, and beyond!

Besides being a practical and durable solution, vinyl siding is also a beautiful addition to almost any home. Modern vinyl siding is available in numerous colors and textures, including clapboard style, imitation cedar siding, and more. So whatever the look of your home, there’s a vinyl siding option that’s sure to fit your unique style. What’s more, if it’s correctly installed by VSI-certified installers, vinyl siding is pretty much engineered for life and is virtually maintenance-free. It resists termites, doesn’t rot, and there’s no need for additional painting or caulking once the installation is complete. About the only thing you need to do to keep your vinyl siding looking great year after year is to give it an occasional bath with soap and water.

At Energy Pro Windows, we’ve been siding Kansas City for years, so we only carry siding options that are designed to hold up to the extremes of heat, cold, humidity, and weather that homes so often face here in the KC area. Our vinyl siding contains a UV-resistant coating to help ensure that even the darkest colors remain attractive for years to come, and some of our siding has been wind tested at speeds of up to 240 miles per hour. Exposure to the elements can do a number on house paint, prompting everything from fading in the sun to being chipped off by wind and weather. Vinyl siding in Kansas City eliminates most of these problems and presents a beautiful, durable, uniform exterior that will protect your home from everything that the weather can throw its way.

Energy Pro Windows and Siding is a VSI-certified installer in Kansas City, ready to help you enjoy the benefits and savings associated with vinyl siding while also ensuring that your installation is done right the first time. To learn more or schedule an installation today, contact Energy Pro Windows and Siding in Kansas City!

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