Top 6 Fall Remodeling Projects You Should Do

House Remodeling in the Fall

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Top 6 Fall Remodeling Projects You Should Do


Got the Fall-fix-it-up bug? Symptoms may include:


  • Looking at your house’s potential
  • Feeling motivated by the cooler weather
  • Hatred for high utility payments
  • Impending dread of hosting holiday parties


Home remodeling is a popular fall project in the Kansas City area because it is cooler out and it is a good time to winterize your home.


We chose the most energy efficient fall remodeling projects, since we are the EnergyPros.


Window Replacement


Old windows are the worst. Did you notice your air conditioning escape your home this summer? Or did they take a beating from those summer storms? If you have worn out, drafty windows, consider fixing your problem before winter starts. Taking action in the fall will save on heating bills in the winter. Read more about How to Tell When You Need to Replace Your Windows


Select windows that help control the temperature of your home to be what you want it. EnergyPro Windows and Siding installs windows built to handle Kansas City’s extreme weather. No need to compromise on function or style, either. From the Insulator Series for superior energy efficiency to the Heritage Series for custom beautiful windows, see what the Pros can do for your home.


NOTE: Want a Do-It-Yourself project? You can winterize drafty windows yourself by caulking around the outside of the window and weatherstripping the inside. Read more here


Siding Installation


Fortify your house against the elements and increase your house’s curb appeal with a siding installation project this fall. Did you experience heat loss last winter? Are you fed up with chipping or fading paint?


Fall is the ideal time for siding installation projects. A typical siding job takes anywhere from four days to two weeks to complete, depending on the size of your home.


Siding’s job is to protect your house, not just cover up damaged or rotting materials. To do this job right, hire a contractor who cares about protecting your home just as much as you do. At EnergyPro, we hand-select professionals depending on the job and your home.


You can get started on designing your siding installation project with the Contractor’s Eye App. This app allows you to customize the exterior of your home on your phone. It helps you figure out the specifications to start your project on the right foot. You can start now!


Update Your HVAC


When was the last time you took a good look at your house’s Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) unit? You used it almost everyday this summer. Updating your HVAC system is a smart fall remodeling project.


In the fall, the temperature is more comfortable so people are less reliant on their HVAC systems while they get replaced or repaired.


We are a big fan of updating your HVAC system because it also improves the energy efficiency of your home. HVAC systems become more advanced year after year. Advanced technology means better features for better prices. Quieter, more efficient machines are on the market.


Replacing your HVAC system protects your family’s health. Look for machines with better humidity control to cut down on bloody noses and sore throats from dryer winter air; or, air purifiers to trap allergens, bacteria, and viruses and remove air pollutants like formaldehyde. Carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


Repair Your Roof


Another energy efficient fall remodeling project: replacing your roof. Keep the winter winds out and the warm air in. Fall is the perfect time to replace or repair your roof because the temperatures are still warm enough to allow asphalt shingles to create an airtight seal to protect your home against the elements. Any day above 45 degrees Fahrenheit allows shingles to adhere together. And, it isn’t as hot as the summer time for the roof workers.


If you are considering this fall remodeling project to increase your home’s energy efficiency, consider insulating your attic as well.


Clean, Repair, Protect Your Gutters


Your gutters are important to ensure proper water drainage and to maintain your house’s exterior and interior structural health.


Clean and repair your gutters before winter and after all the leaves have fallen. If your gutters clog, they can become great little homes for rodents, bees, mosquitos, and mold and can be a nightmare to your roof, foundation, and walls.


Neglected gutters take a toll on your home’s exterior and interior. If water pools inside your gutters, it can cause your roof to leak and your house’s foundation to crack. And you wouldn’t want nasty leakage all over your brand new siding would you?


Should you do it yourself or hire someone? Cleaning and repairing gutters can be dangerous if you do it yourself, especially for multi-story homes where you need to clean gutters in places your ladder cannot reach. Gutter debris may have bees or rodents in it that were very happy there before you disturbed them. As we always suggest, call professionals if you do not feel comfortable doing it yourself.


Plant a Tree


Fall is the best time to plant a tree! Fall temperatures are best to help trees establish roots, and the tree has no need to feed its leaves. Make sure you pick a healthy tree, not just one on sale. You do not want a tree with heat damage from sitting in a nursery all summer.


If placed strategically, your tree can save you money! The shade from your tree can help reduce energy demand in your house for air conditioning and cut down pollution emissions from local power plants.


What more, trees block sound from noisy streets (or noisy neighbors) and increase property value. Check out the best native trees to the Kansas City area here.




Take care of your winter worries with a fall remodeling project!


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