How to Tell When You Need to Replace Your Windows

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How to Tell When You Need to Replace Your Windows

Are your windows getting older? Do you notice drafts or cold spots near windows during the winter? Has your house been through a bad storm recently? Is your energy bill getting higher? Do you just not like the look of your windows anymore? All of these are signs that it may be time to start shopping for replacement windows in Kansas City.

Ultimately, deciding when it’s time to replace your windows comes down to two factors: performance and appearance. If your windows are damaged, warped, or you just don’t like how they look, then it’s time to go window shopping. Sometimes the damage that has been done to a window isn’t immediately apparent just by looking at it, though, and older windows tend to lose energy efficiency as they age. Windows that are letting heat and cold leak out—or in—can drive up your utility bills, while windows that are warped or bowed may not open and close as they should.

A window that’s difficult to operate is more than just a nuisance. It indicates a flaw or damage in the window, and trying to force it to open or close when it’s difficult can lead to breakage. If you’re noticing hot or cold air seeping in around your windows, or seeing a spike in your heating bill, then weather-resistant replacement windows are the way to go. And if you’re struggling with windows that don’t open and close as they should, then it’s probably time for a replacement.

Of course, cracks in the window pane are also an indicator of structural damage, and condensation or frost buildup on or in the window often indicates a leak that’s allowing moisture and/or heat and cold to get through. It’s also worth noting that your windows may not all need to be replaced at the same time. Windows on one side of your house may deteriorate faster than others because they are exposed to more direct sunlight, wind, or moisture.

So whether you’re planning to replace all of your windows or just a few, the professionals at EnergyPro Windows & Siding are happy to help! At EnergyPro Windows & Siding you can get weather-resistant replacement windows in Kansas City that are specially designed to withstand all of the extreme weather conditions that we encounter while also saving you big bucks on your heating and cooling bill all year round.

Our exclusive Signature Series Replacement Windows are built with FiberCore structural technology and MaxGuard 12 Thermal Glass to stand up to whatever Kansas City weather can throw at them while still looking and performing great—and at EnergyPro Windows & Siding, they’ll be installed by hand-picked local professionals who know all about the challenges that face replacement windows in Kansas City.

When it’s time for you to replace your windows in Kansas City, contact the professionals at EnergyPro Windows & Siding and let us help you find the perfect replacement window solution for your home today!

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