Top 5 Benefits of Energy Pro’s New Restorations Windows

New Restorations Windows

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Top 5 Benefits of Energy Pro’s New Restorations Windows


Kansas City homeowners from Olathe to Liberty will be pleased to hear that Energy Pro Windows and Siding is now carrying Restorations® windows. These beautiful, custom-designed windows are made exclusively for people who want their home to be an extension of their own personality. With a vast array of colors, styles, and finishes to choose from, Restorations windows help you create your special space indoors while providing you with a beautiful view of the world around you.


Expressing Your Own Unique Style


Restorations windows are beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient. But don’t most windows provide that? Restorations goes several steps farther, giving you an avenue to express your personality and your own unique style. As close to fully customizable as you’ll get with a replacement window, Restorations windows allow you to make a statement, both inside the house and out.


Take a look at some of the benefits of these amazing windows from Energy Pro.


Traditional Windows Customized for You


Restorations windows are available in traditional styles such as double hung and single hung – styles that fit into many conventional homes. But when you choose Restorations windows, you’ll find that a world of other options opens up to you. From casement windows to bay windows, picture windows to specialized geometric shapes and atypical sizes, Restorations has what you’re looking for. Whether you’re shopping for a new arched window for the music room or a stained, leaded glass window for the second-floor landing, you’ll find it with Restorations windows sold by Energy Pro Windows.


These windows are also built with traditional craftsmanship in mind. Beautiful wood finishes including MaderaTM Premium interior trims offer a range of trim options, making it easy to match the existing woodwork in your home. Stain it or paint it – the choice is yours. Add our double-coved and contoured interior frame design and beautiful architectural hardware, and you have a work of art that doubles as a window. What’s more, you’ll add to the beauty and experience more of the view outside because Restorations windows provide a 27% larger viewing area than most other replacement windows. Any homeowner in Leawood or Overland Park who is looking for windows that exude top quality and sophistication will want to consider using Restorations windows.


Enjoy a Comfortable Environment All Year Long


Restorations windows are built with the latest in modern energy efficiency technology. In fact, Restorations windows are unique in that they’re designed specifically for your area of the country. That means homeowners from Prairie Village to Lee’s Summit will stay cool and comfortable all summer and warm and toasty all winter. In fact, with these amazing windows, you can set your thermostat and forget it. Restorations windows feature Latitude insulated glass, a series of high-performing glass systems engineered to provide maximum thermal efficiency for this part of the country – or wherever your home is. With energy ratings that consistently exceed ENERGY STAR’s performance guidelines, these windows are some of the best in the industry for energy efficiency.


You may also notice a marked decrease in the sounds of the neighborhood after installing new Restorations windows. That’s because optional noise-canceling glass keeps outside noises outside, creating a quiet haven on the inside. It’s not only the glass that makes a difference. Professional installation also plays a part. Restorations windows are some of the most airtight in the industry, with a triple weather strip barrier that provides 50% more weather stripping than other windows on the market. Once the experts from Energy Pro install these windows in your home, you’ll notice the difference. Outside air stays outside…and so does the sound of the neighbor’s barking dog.


Mix Beauty with Functionality


While beauty is essential, so is functionality. Beautiful windows aren’t all that beautiful if you can’t see out of them because of dust build-up. Restorations windows are full of design features that provide the functionality you need on a daily basis. Easy-to-operate tilt-in features make window cleaning from the inside a breeze, while dual-pulley block and tackle systems help with the heavy lifting. Ventilation night latches provide security while letting you enjoy a soothing night breeze. And solid low-profile locks – often several on each window – keep your home safe and secure, whether you’re there or not.


Other optional features designed to enhance your lifestyle include SunBlinds® between-the-glass blinds, OptiViewTM high-visibility screening, and self-cleaning glass options. Restorations windows are also available with PetTough pet resistant screening, perfect for those homeowners who consider the dog or cat a member of the family. Whatever makes your life easier and more convenient, you’re likely to find it with Restorations windows.


Enhance Your Curb Appeal


Not only do you have options on the inside. When you choose Restorations windows, you’ll also have a wide variety of exterior finish options, making it easy for you to choose the right color to create the look you want for the exterior of your home. Choose from four colored vinyl cap stock options, 17 standard paint colors, or a virtually unlimited number of custom colors to match your existing or new paint scheme. Painted finishes are covered by substantial warranties (20 years on cracking, peeling, and blistering; 10 years on fading), so you know the color you choose will remain true for a long time to come.


Restorations windows are not just for homes with wood or vinyl siding. Classic brick homes can also be fitted with these windows. Restorations offers contoured brickmould profiles that allow your new windows to be installed seamlessly – no exposed fasteners are necessary. This provides a much cleaner look and is more in keeping with the style of your home. If aging, rotting wood brickmould is an issue on your house, replacing it when you install your new Restorations windows is the solution. Energy Pro can help with that.


Visit Energy Pro Windows to See For Yourself


New windows can have a significant impact on your home in many ways. If you’re ready for an upgrade on your home, make a statement with new Restorations replacement windows. Stop in today and visit the window experts at Energy Pro Windows. They’ll be happy to show you how Restorations windows can enhance the look of your home in Kansas City.

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