The Top 4 Reasons to Replace Your Kansas City Home’s Siding

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The Top 4 Reasons to Replace Your Kansas City Home’s Siding

Are you keeping an eye on your siding? Do you know the signs that you’re ready for a replacement?


Whether you need to replace part of your siding or your whole house’s siding, it’s an important investment that you need to make, if you want to keep your home in top condition. When your siding isn’t performing like it should, it can affect a lot of different areas in your house.


We’ve seen a lot of siding at Energy Pro Windows & Siding, and we known when it’s time to get your siding replaced. Check out these four reasons that you need to replace your home’s siding.


4 Reasons to Your Kansas City Home’s Siding


Energy efficiency


When your energy bill is off the charts, there are a few culprits that you should be aware of, including both your windows and your siding. When your siding is old and worn down, it affects your home’s insulation ability, which makes your heating and air conditioning unit work harder than it needs to.


When you get new siding, you’ll see a decrease in your energy bills, and your wallet will thank you. With our James Hardie siding, you can trust the technology and materials its made with, which will help you stay insulated for many years to come.


Security from storms


Storm season is here, and what does that mean? You’ve got to make sure your home is ready for surviving the brutal storms that come to Kansas City. Strong winds, hail – you name it, and you know that it’s coming into Kansas City.


One of the best ways to secure your home from the storms is by getting top-quality siding, like industry-leading James Hardie siding. You can trust James Hardie siding to get you through all of the tough storm seasons. When you’re in the midst of an extreme Kansas City storm, the last thing you’ll be worried about is your siding, thanks to the installation of durable, long-lasting James Hardie siding products.


It’s requiring a lot of maintenance


When your siding is a constant DIY project, you know that it’s time to replace some or all of your home’s siding. Depending on what type of siding you have, you’ll see a wide variety of weathering signs. Whether it’s buckling, damaged, infested, or fading, you need to stop spending all your money maintaining your less-than satisfactory siding and put your budget into new James Hardie siding that will require zero maintenance.


Then, you can finally relax on the weekends and stop worrying about how to put a bandaid on your current siding’s problems. The solution you’re really needing is new siding.


It’s more than 10 years old


When your siding has reached its 10 year mark, it’s time to analyze its current state and consider investing in new siding, especially if you’re in an older home. Siding made in the last 10 years far outweighs older siding in technology and materials, so you will see a big difference in the performance of your home’s siding with an upgrade.


Newer siding like our James Hardie siding can last 20 years, so even if you’re spending the money replacing it now, you’ll get a longer lifetime with the new siding installed by Energy Pro Windows and Siding.


Get James Hardie Siding Installed on Your Kansas City Home


Kansas City’s Energy Pro Windows and Siding proudly uses top brand James Hardie siding for each and every siding installation we do. We love this brand, because it is trusted by the best contractors in our industry. James Hardie has been in business for almost 130 years, and its breadth of experience shows in the quality of its products. The siding itself is tested in the toughest weather conditions, so it can withstand the strongest storms that roll through the Midwest.


James Hardie manufactures its siding products to be your ally in insulating your home. Protect your home from the outside elements and keep your energy bills low with James Hardie siding. Also, James Hardie siding is made with fiber cement, which deters mold, cracking, water, and swelling, which are some of the main causes in siding needing to be replaced.


Make Easy Payments with Financing


Since siding replacement can be a large bill that you may not be financially ready for, we offer financing options at Energy Pro Windows and Siding. We are currently offering the Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card, which allows you to put your home projects on a financing plan for your convenience. You will make easy payments, and you can use it for any home project, anytime. Check to see if you qualify for this financing option for your siding installation costs.


Hire a Team You Trust for Your Siding Installation


One of the reasons we’ve been in business for 15 years is because customer service is our number one priority at Energy Pro Windows and Siding. Our owner personally inspects every windows and siding installation project to ensure we are delivering our best work on each and every Kansas City home.


Plus, our team is hand-picked with zero subcontractors. Each team member chosen for our team has high levels of customer service, professionalism, and skill. Also, our company is licensed and bonded.


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