Tips for Choosing the Best Window Company in Kansas City

best window company kansas city

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Trying to find the best window company in Kansas City can be a bit daunting. Especially if you have never had to find one before. There are bound to be plenty that seems fine, but are they?

You need a company that sells and installs the windows, but also stands behind the work and is available if something goes wrong. But there are a few ways you can weed out the less reputable window companies.

Tips for Choosing the Best Window Company in Kansas City

Replacing your windows is a huge investment in your house. They improve the way your home functions and also improves your curb appeal.

Ask Around

Check with your friends and neighbors. If someone has recently had new windows put in, ask what company they used and if they are happy with the windows and the service.

Check Their Reviews

Once you have a list of a few that you think may be the best window companies in Kansas City, start checking them out online. Check their own websites, but also read reviews that are independent of theirs.

Very often, people will talk more about how unhappy they were instead of the great window company they used. It is helpful to read positive and negative reviews, but not everything is as it seems.

Compare Costs

The job is the same, regardless of who is going to do it, but you may find that prices can vary widely. The cheapest is almost never a good idea, in particular, if it is less expensive by a large margin.

A reputable company with quality products may be a bit more but try looking at the whole package. You want to cut back on energy bills, low maintenance, and windows that look great and will last a long time.


A quick look online should tell you a lot about the best window company in Kansas City. They do the work themselves, not hire it out to sub-contractors, have plenty of experience overall, and can provide samples of their work.


If your window company doesn’t offer you a warranty or guarantee for the windows and their labor, they are not your new window company. You need to find a company that stands behind their installation and offers a manufacturer’s warranty for the windows.

There should be a decent time allowance with the warranty, it should cover everything that they have supplied and the work they have done. If something goes wrong, you may be responsible to cover that cost.

Customer Service

The best window company in Kansas City wants your business because that’s what they do, not because they need the money. If you don’t get a good feeling from the company or they don’t communicate with you, that should be a good indication of their attitude towards working with you.

They should be helpful and not pressuring you to make a decision. You want someone who returns your inquiries quickly, shows up when they say they will, and offers you customer service after the job has been completed.

Choosing the Best Window Company in Kansas City

Window replacement is not cheap, nor should it be. Finding the best window company in Kansas City will require a bit of homework on your part. New windows are an investment in your home.

Please contact us here at Energy Pro for any information or questions you may have about replacing your windows. Don’t get stuck with the wrong company, get it right the first time.

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