The Benefits of Select Siding

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Homeowners that are looking to upgrade the appearance of their home, or enhance its protection from the seasons and elements, often look at Select Siding to fill that need. There are many benefits to using Select siding, and we’re going to take a look at those benefits here, digging into how it can help both the appearance and function of your home. In the end, if you feel it’s time to start a project installing Select Siding on your home, we’ll highlight how Energy Pro Windows & Siding is one of the area’s leading authorities on high-quality siding installations.

Benefits of Select Siding

Enhanced Durability

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners are choosing Select Siding is the incredible durability it offers. Engineered from high-quality materials, Select is designed to perform optimally in our beautiful weather, but it’s also created to stand up to our seasonal extremes, like the searing summer sun, the howling wind, and the winter ice. It also has significant moisture resistance, lowering the need for ongoing maintenance.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Select siding is also a great option because of its energy efficiency and insulation properties. The additional insulation layer between the siding material and the sheathing of the home adds a significant amount of insulation. This helps keep the home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter, reducing HVAC energy costs year-round, and lowering the ongoing cost of HVAC maintenance as well.

Aesthetic Appeal

Select brand siding offers a surprisingly large range of colors and styles in their panels, allowing homeowners a significant degree of customization for their home’s exterior. From styles that resemble conventional wood grain siding products, to styles with a more contemporary metallic finish, there is a style that complements or accents nearly every home’s architectural style. The rich color palette is also fade-resistant, which helps ensure that your home will maintain its enhanced curb appeal for many years to come.

Low-Maintenance Requirements

Another reason that many homeowners are attracted to Select Siding is the lower maintenance needs over the life of the siding product. While wood siding needs to be sealed, painted, and constantly maintained, for example, Select siding only requires periodic cleaning to keep it looking its best. This cleaning can be done with a simple soap and water solution, which means you save time, money, and effort in keeping your home looking great.

Increased Home Value

One of the easiest ways to boost the potential market value of a home is to do exterior upgrades like windows, doors, and siding. Investing in quality siding can be one of the most reliable ways to grow the value of your home. The durability, energy efficiency, and appearance that Select Siding offers can quickly make a home more appealing to buyers.

Better Warranty Coverage

With Select siding, you won’t need to worry about hoping that the siding lasts for the full life expectancy, because the warranty ensures that you’re never left unprotected. The Select siding warranty covers the materials, provided they were professionally installed, and gives you the peace of mind of knowing your investment is protected.

Partner with Energy Pro to Have Your Select Siding Installed

If you’re considering an exterior remodeling project, siding could be the perfect option for giving your home’s appearance a facelift, while also boosting the protection from the elements, and potentially even increasing its market value. For the KC area’s leading Select siding contractor, reach out to Energy Pro Windows & Siding today to speak to a local expert about your home’s needs.

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