The Pros & Cons of Vinyl Windows

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Are you considering replacing your old windows for something newer and more modern? If so, you may be interested in vinyl windows. However, before making this investment it is a good idea to get to know the pros and cons of vinyl windows.

Pro: Save Money Thanks to Hire Levels of Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows offer superior thermal performance ratings so you can save money over time. Vinyl has been around for many years, and as a result, designers have perfected the use of the materials to ensure the windows are airtight and that they operate efficiently and smoothly. This level of perfection means there are no significant gaps present between the frame and the window. This eliminates the possibility of air leakages because of poor design.

Also, unlike wood that may warp or metal that will dent, vinyl is virtually impermeable. It is also the best material to limit airflow. Besides what you may have heard, vinyl windows are not dangerous or bad for the environment.

Con: Fewer Trim or Color Options

Vinyl windows are offered in several styles and colors, but nothing will compare to the color options offered by wood. Some of the specialty metal work you can find for decorative windows offers many more custom options. Wood windows are offered with more options for casing and trim. Wood can be colored or stained to any color you desired. There are limited vinyl styles, which is often a turn off for homeowners following a certain design plan.

Pro: Lower Maintenance

A huge benefit of vinyl windows is that the sashes can be removed from the frame easily. As a result, they are easy to clean and to replace. Also, once the windows are installed, you can replace the window along if the panel has been damaged. Vinyl is not sensitive to the many cleaners that you may use, and you can clean them with any type of rag, making it easy to keep them clean. You also do not have to repair or replace the window components as often as you would with wood or metal.

Con: Less Design Flexibility

If you install wood windows in a single color, you can paint the frames as often as necessary to change the look. However, with vinyl windows, you will have to reinstall the windows altogether if you want a new window because it is not easy to paint vinyl. If you are looking for more flexibility, then vinyl windows may not be the best option. However, if you prefer a standard white color, or do not want to choose a different color – ever – then vinyl is a smart option.

As you can see, there are both pros and cons for you to know about when considering vinyl windows. There is no question that vinyl is a durable and quality material, but you should consider whether it is right for your home carefully. This will ensure you achieve the desired results.

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