Professional Siding Installation Helps Prevent Heat Loss in the Winter

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Professional Siding Installation Helps Prevent Heat Loss in the Winter

Here in Kansas City, we have reached the point in the year where we are truly in between seasons. We still have hot days left over from a warm summer, but other times we’re beginning to feel the chill of autumn, especially in the early mornings. Some people have switched off their air conditioners and are waiting for the temperatures to really start to drop, while others have already begun to turn up the furnace. After all, we’ve already dropped down into the 40s right here in the greater Kansas City area, and the same has been felt in Liberty, Lee’s Summit, Lenexa, Lake Lotawana, Belton, MO, and elsewhere. And while the 40s may be jacket weather, here in the Kansas City area, having temperatures drop into the 40s means that the 30s and even the 20s aren’t far behind.

As winter weather draws near, we are all uncomfortably reminded of the fact that the typical Kansas City home suffers some serious heat loss in the wintertime. All of those drafty areas in the house and cold spots in the corners of your rooms are grim reminders of the high energy bills that may be coming your way as the mercury drops. What many people might not know is just where all that heat loss actually comes from. Most people blame windows and doors, but in fact the greatest heat loss in your house (around 35%) comes from the walls. Windows and doors make up another 25% or so, while your roof, attic, and floor typically make up the rest. Fixing heat loss from windows and doors is straightforward enough, and you can help mitigate other heat loss with new roofing or flooring, but heat loss from walls may leave some Kansas City homeowners scratching their heads. That’s where professional siding installation in Kansas City comes to the rescue!

Of course, there’s always the temptation to do the job yourself. After all, many of us are DIY home renovators, and we enjoy the challenge and the satisfaction that comes from working on our own homes. That works pretty well for a lot of things around the house, but when it comes to replacing the siding on your home, professional siding installation makes all the difference in the world. Siding installation isn’t something that you want to figure out through trial and error. Getting it wrong can cost a bundle, especially when temperatures are dropping every week.

Fortunately, properly installed vinyl replacement siding not only helps protect your home against the cold and the ravages of winter storms, it also creates a kind of cocoon around your house that helps to seal in heat, preventing the heat loss that causes your utility bills to skyrocket.

So, whether you live in Lee’s Summit, Lenexa, Lake Lotawana, Liberty, Belton, MO, or anywhere else in the greater Kansas City area, a professional siding installation from Energy Pro Windows and Siding can help you to keep warm and cozy all winter long without breaking the bank on heating bills. Want to learn more? Contact us today!

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