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Energy Pro in Overland Park offers a lot of options and accessories to go around siding. We pay attention to the details when doing siding projects, to ensure a clean, finished, and premium look for your home.

We even offer a specialized design planning tool that lets you experiment with colors, textures, accents, accessories, and trim in 3D. This lets you see exactly how each option or accessory will enhance the look and style of the property.

Color Options and Accessories

We recently worked at a home that has aluminum siding installed. The siding is probably 25-30 years old, but its age is barely noticeable. Aluminum is an excellent siding product, but it’s not very popular today because it’s thin and expensive. The thin material won’t give you the same rich texture and contours found in more modern siding products.

As seen on this house, the only thing that the homeowner may need to worry about is paint chalking and fading. After 25-30 years, you may need to freshen up the paint job. This chalking can happen with vinyl sometimes too.

Manufacturers warranty their siding against fade and chalking. They’ll come out and use a hunter index machine. This tool measures the original color of your siding against the current sun- and weather-faded color, to find the exact match needed to refinish the faded material. Manufacturers guarantee to maintain many hunter units as part of the options on your home’s siding.

Vent and Trim Options and Accessories

Vents and trim around pipes or other things attached to your home are other important accessories and options that professional contractors offer. Not only does it improve curb appeal, it also offers protection from insects and pests.

You may notice on older homes that pipe just comes out of a hole in the siding. A drainpipe for the AC maybe, or the dryer vent just have rough cuts for them to poke through. This looks unsightly and unprofessional.

Professional contractors will trim a dryer vent using a nice block that has a finished trim and fit around it. They’ll also offer other nice gable vents and vents for water outlets that coordinate with your home.

Older houses also often have ugly electric boxes, wires, drains, and all sorts of things just poking through the siding without trim or finish.

We like to clean things like this up. We can work with an electrician or Evergy to pull off the electric box and make it look really nice. Or we can go around it and dress it up with a nice clean finished look. We can do the same to clean up all the wires, pipes, and other items poking through the siding.

Using Our 3D Design Tool

Another element of choosing the right siding contractor is the design element.

Whether you want to replace the shutters, make a style change, upgrade to different quality, or make other changes, there’s so much to choose from that deciding can be daunting. Do you want vinyl or wood? Do you want to slightly dress up your home or make it very unique?

To help you navigate these choices, Energy Pro has partnered with a couple of suppliers for a unique product. You can simply take eight photos of your house and upload them, then in less than two hours you’ll have a complete video of your house in 3D.

Then you can move your house around 360 degrees, change colors, type of material, add shingles, add shutters, dress it up any way you want, to see how it will look. It’s a terrific design tool and it’s free for our customers.

When you call for an appointment, just let us know you want that 3D image. We can come out before your appointment and do it for you, or you can do it yourself with the link we email.

Then you can make an informed decision about the siding options and accessories that are best for your home.

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