Learn How Getting New, High-Quality Siding Installed Can Save You Money

New Siding Installation

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Learn How Getting New, High-Quality Siding Installed Can Save You Money


Every homeowner should walk their property from time to time, assessing the condition of the house and yard and looking for opportunities for improvement. In other words, walk around looking for things that need to be fixed. This applies to all homeowners, whether you live in Prairie Village, KS or Liberty, MO. When you live in a space day after day, changes can creep up on you. If you don’t take the time to actually look around before you know it the place has gotten rather shabby.


One aspect of your home that changes slowly over time is the condition of the outside of your home. Wood shingles and paint jobs fade over time as the sun beats down during hot summer months. Changes in temperature cause shingles to warp, crack, or split; water causes wood to rot. And old-school vinyl siding gets brittle if it’s been on the house for many years. These conditions happen so gradually that you may not even notice until you experience some kind of breach: water, insects, rodents, or worse entering the house uninvited. It’s better to install new siding before you reach that point.


Not Just for Looks


Many people of think of siding as an aesthetic component of the home. High-quality siding does more for your home than just improve its looks. It also protects your family from unwanted pests and varying weather conditions. We agree that there’s nothing like new siding to give your home an instant pick-me-up. However, new siding can also save you money making it a great investment for the future and adding to your home’s resale value.


Here are a few ways that you can save money by installing high-quality siding on your home, courtesy of Energy Pro Windows and Siding, your hometown siding professionals.


Reduced Heating and Cooling Bills


Installing high-quality insulated siding is one of the best ways to button up your house and eliminate drafts. During the siding installation process, layers of insulation are added to the walls throughout the house which increases the R-value of the walls (the R-value is the capacity of the insulating material to resist heat flow). The higher the R-value, the better insulated you are. Siding is then applied over the new insulation creating a secure barrier that protects your home from sunlight, wind, rain, hail… anything the weather might throw at you. This results in substantial savings in heating and cooling costs because the temperature on the inside of the house no longer fluctuates based on outside weather conditions.


Fewer Gaps and Seams


Custom siding can be ordered in specific lengths, making it an excellent choice for every size home. Ordering custom lengths that fit your exact needs allows for fewer gaps and seams in the siding. This means fewer places for winds and rain to attempt entry. Adding a layer of insulation underneath seals the deal. This is another way your siding helps lower heating and cooling bills.


No Painting Costs


Installing siding on your home is smart for another reason. You don’t have to worry about painting the house ever again. Siding made of wood shingles needs to be painted every 5 – 10 years depending on weather conditions and the quality of the original paint job. By installing high-quality siding, you skip all that. No painting or refinishing needed; your siding looks good year after year. This is a considerable saving for homeowners in both money and time. If you’ve ever painted your own house or paid someone to do it for you, you’ll understand how significant this benefit is.


No Repair Costs


Unlike wood shingles, vinyl and composite sidings never need fixing. Rain doesn’t absorb into the siding material as it does with wood, so rot and mildew are things of the past. Modern siding technology is very advanced and creates a tough surface; It doesn’t crack or warp in the sunlight. And small animals don’t chew on it the way they tend to do with wood shingles. A new siding installation project is a no-brainer for people who don’t have the time or the energy for DIY repair and upkeep.


One note: If you like the look of wood shingles but don’t want the hassle of repair or the expense of painting, you might look into installing composite siding. Modern composite siding comes in a wide variety of textures that mimic various wood grains and provide that traditional shake and shingle look that so many people admire. You can still have that look; no one will even notice that it’s not real wood.


Increased Resale Value


Installing high-quality siding on your home also increases your home’s resale value. In fact, “Replacing vinyl siding recovers about 75% of the cost in increased home value, according to the 2017 Remodeling Impact Report compiled by NARI and the National Association of Realtors.”1 Okay, maybe this isn’t exactly a cost saving, and maybe you’re not looking to sell right now, but isn’t it nice to know that if you did you’d get some of your hard-earned money back?


Peace of Mind


Peace of mind might not have a true dollar value associated with it, but it certainly helps you sleep at night. Knowing that your family is protected from the elements and that you’re saving money can provide hours of restful sleep. In fact, you’ll wonder why you didn’t make the leap to high-quality siding sooner!


Folks who live in the Kansas City metro area – Olathe, Leawood, Overland Park or Prairie Village, KS; or Kansas City, Lee’s Summit, or Liberty, MO – will be happy to know that there are siding experts in the area who can answer their questions. If you suspect that it’s time to install new siding on your home, stop in and visit the professionals at Energy Pro Windows and Siding. We’ve been putting siding on Kansas City homes since 2003. All of our crew members are employees of the company, and are licensed, bonded, and extremely professional. Give us a call today and ask how you can start saving money by installing high-quality siding on your home.

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