Learn How Energy Pro Can Help Prepare Your House for the Winter Months

Preparing House for Winter

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Learn How Energy Pro Can Help Prepare Your House for the Winter Months


Winter weather is on its way and soon people in Liberty, Lee’s Summit, and Kansas City, MO, will be stoking fireplaces, putting on a pot of chili, and snuggling in to watch football. Before you invite friends and family over to watch the game, take a few minutes to assess the comfort of your home and figure out whether you need to make some changes in order to weather the winter in comfort.


Take a poll of others who live in the house with you. Are they dreading the onset of winter? Are there rooms in the house that no one uses during the winter because they’re so cold? Do you have rooms that are full of blankets and space heaters? If so, it’s probably time to call in the professionals at Energy Pro Windows and Siding.


Kansas City’s Hometown Window and Siding Professionals


The folks at Energy Pro are window and siding professionals. The products we offer are high-quality and energy-efficient and are designed for cold Kansas City winters. Durable and attractive, all our products are manufactured with longevity in mind so they’ll look good and perform well for as long as you live in your home. What’s more, when you get windows or siding installed by Energy Pro, you’ll be getting a top-notch installation team, a team of experts that are in and out in one day on a typical window installation, and who clean up after themselves when they’re done. You’ll barely know they’ve been there! Energy Pro doesn’t hire contractors to do the installation work – our window and siding installation experts are employees of the company. We’re licensed and bonded and work hard to ensure that you’re pleased with the results of your siding or window installation.


Let’s take a closer look at how the pros at Energy Pro can help you get your home ready for the winter months.


Free Consultation


Energy Pro offers a free consultation to help homeowners in the Kansas City metro area – from Prairie Village to Leawood to Overland Park – assess the condition of their siding and windows and decide what needs to be done to make the house more energy efficient and comfortable. We’ll walk through your house with you, point out areas of deficiency, and provide a free estimate on window and siding options. When you work with Energy Pro Windows and Siding, you know you’re working with a company you can trust – we’re the only window and siding company in Kansas City to receive Stan Cramer’s Seal of Excellence. That’s no small matter. It means you’re working with a company that provides quality products, does what we promise, and gets the job done on time. Not many companies can say that.


Replacement Windows


Have you identified that room that no one uses in the winter? Chances are good that if you sit next to the windows in that room, you’ll soon reach for a blanket. Cold air sneaking in around ill-fitting windows is a prime suspect when you have a room with a polar climate. Replacement windows from Energy Pro can make a big difference. Energy Pro sells Super Signature Series replacement windows that feature MaxGuard 12 thermal glass and FiberCore structural technology. All this just means that you get high-performance thermal windows that keep the cold winds out, and that are built to withstand strong winds and temperature extremes without bending, bowing, or flexing. You’re also getting windows that are durable and won’t need to be replaced again in five years. Replacement windows from Energy Pro will turn that frigid, little-used room into a room that the whole family will enjoy hanging out in this winter. No blankets or space heaters needed!


Siding Replacement


During the free consultation, siding professionals from Energy Pro can walk the premises with you, examining the condition of your siding to see if it needs to be replaced. Cracks, bubbling, fading, wood rot…any of these can be signs that your existing siding is on its last leg. Another key indicator that you might need new siding is your heating bill. Have your heating costs gone up over the past couple of years? It might be time for a change.


Energy Pro offers energy-efficient replacement siding for homes in Lee’s Summit, Liberty, and Kansas City, MO, and Olathe, KS, as well as the rest of the metro area. New siding creates an airtight barrier around your house, keeping warm air inside during the winter, rather than letting it escape through the walls of your home. This means lower heating bills during the winter months. Replacing old, worn siding with new protects your home from sun and rain, as well as the cold winter winds. And siding from Energy Pro Windows and Siding comes in a wide range of colors and styles; you might want to create an entirely new look for your home while you’re at it!


Professional Installation


Window and siding installation crews from Energy Pro are made up of employees of the company, rather than hired contractors. This means you get top-notch installation service by experts who know what they’re doing. When you have windows and siding replaced by installation professionals, you can be assured of an airtight seal all the way around the house. Siding wraps tightly up against windows and doors, leaving no gaps or cracks for air to seep in. Your home will be comfortable and toasty all winter long. Installation is guaranteed, too. Energy Pro operates by this motto: Measure twice, cut once. This means we measure and re-measure window openings to be absolutely sure the size is correct. And we do this before we even order them! At Energy Pro, customer satisfaction is our number one goal.


If you’re planning on having friends and family over this winter, make sure your house is warm enough for them to leave their sweaters and blankets at home. Invite them into a comfortable home that’s been sealed up for the winter by the siding and window professionals at Energy Pro Windows and Siding in Belton, MO. Both you and your guests will enjoy making many warm memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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