KC Windows Take a Beating During the Seasons

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KC Windows Take a Beating During the Seasons

Here in Kansas City, we face some of the best and worst that the weather has to offer. While our summers may not get as hot as those in Phoenix, Arizona and our winters may never reach the freezing depths of Barrow, Alaska, we see our fair share of temperature extremes, not to mention various hazardous weather, from high winds and pounding rain to hail to periods of drought to even the occasional tornado. As anyone who has lived in the area for long can attest, all these weather extremes can take a real toll on your home, and KC windows are especially likely to take a beating.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, not even under the most optimal conditions. While the lifespan of a typical wood window can be as long as 30 years, and a composite window of vinyl or fiberglass may average 15 to 20 years, extreme weather can do a lot to shorten those lifespans. When it comes time to invest in KC windows—or to decide whether it’s time to replace the windows in your home—it pays to know just what kinds of effects the weather can have on your windows.

Shrinking, bowing, and warping. As temperature and humidity change—especially when they change suddenly or drastically—it can cause the materials that make up your windows to shrink and expand. Over time, this can lead to windows that are permanently warped, and that may be difficult to open or close. Warped or bowed windows can also lead to structural instability that makes your window less safe.

Condensation and drafts. Of course, part of a window’s job is to protect against letting cold or warm air in and out of the home. Over time, however, the extreme weather conditions that we experience in Kansas City can weaken the seals of your KC windows, leading to drafts, condensation, and a loss of insulating capability. This can not only impair the look and function of your windows, but can also drive up your energy bill and make your home less comfortable.

Hardware failure. Like the rest of your windows, the locks, latches, and other mechanisms that help your windows work are susceptible to moisture and to extremes of heat and cold. They can become rusted, damaged, or jammed, preventing your window from opening or locking properly. Deteriorating hardware also doesn’t look as good and may be a security risk.

Ultimately, weather extremes can even rot the wood or other material of your windows, which can in turn lead to bigger problems that may not be immediately apparent. At the end of the day, if your home was built more than 15 or 20 years ago or has windows that haven’t been replaced in that time, then it’s probably time to seek out the professionals who know a thing or two about KC windows and ask them about replacement windows that are designed to withstand all of the weather extremes that Kansas City can throw at them.

At Energy Pro Windows and Siding, we carry a wide range of KC windows that are designed and fabricated with the special considerations of the Kansas City area in mind. So if you want the best windows to survive the KC weather, contact us today!

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