Installing Windows is Not a DIY Project – Here’s Why

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Installing Windows is Not a DIY Project – Here’s Why


If you’re at all familiar with the world of DIY (do it yourself), you know that anyone who’s slightly handy with tools and knows how to use Google search functionality can use the Internet to learn how to do almost anything themselves. From refinishing hardwood floors to building a new fence to changing the oil in the John Deere mower, the inexperienced DIY homeowner can learn to do it all thanks to an abundance of YouTube and other tutorial videos posted by “experts” in the field. Many of these videos are well done and include very clear instructions, making it easy to achieve success. However, there are still a few projects that are better left to the pros. Installing new windows is one of them.


New window installation can be a rather complicated job. Several factors need to be taken into account before getting started – factors that, if handled incorrectly, will impact the comfort and security of your family’s home for years to come. Sometimes it’s just not worth the risk, even for an experienced DIY homeowner. If your house needs new windows, calling in window installation experts ensures that your new windows fit tightly, perform well, and protect your family from wind, rain, and even bright sunlight. Read on for a few of the reasons why hiring window installation professionals wins out over the DIY option.


Time Versus Money


As every DIYer (and their spouse) knows, most DIY projects take much longer than initially anticipated. Granted, a true DIY homeowner enjoys the process of working on the project nearly as much as the end result. But a total window replacement can take the unskilled and inexperienced DIYer many, many hours to complete, whereas skilled professionals will likely have the job done within a day or two at the most. Time versus money is the first thing to consider – how much is your time is worth to you? Yes, you’ll probably save some money by attempting the installation yourself; but hiring the professionals will speed the job up considerably, and that’s worth a lot, as well.


A Perfect Fit Every Time


Windows can be finicky creatures, and though your windows may all look like they’re the same size, in reality, the openings are probably ever so slightly different. Even a difference of an eighth of an inch can cause problems in the fit and performance of a window. Window installation experts know that in order to get a perfect fit, each window opening has to be measured precisely, and then each replacement window unit must be ordered to the exact measurements of the corresponding opening. With so much at stake in this process, the DIY homeowner is smart to put down the hammer and have the professionals take care of the installation.


For new windows to protect your home against the elements as they were designed to, the seal around the window has to be perfect. This means that the window has to be set perfectly square within the window opening, as well as plumb, meaning it’s exactly vertical within the opening. The slightest variance in either of these could cause the window to leak or malfunction in some way. It may not close tightly, it may not lock correctly, air may get in around the sides, or water may infiltrate through the top of the sash. Window installation professionals know a thing or two about this process and will see to it that each window fits into the frame as it’s supposed to. If the opening needs to be modified or repaired before the new window is set into place, they can do that. They also know how to seal up the cracks with flashing and sealants for an airtight fit after the window has been set into place.


Warranties are Only Valid if the Job is Done Correctly


Another reason to have a professional install your windows is warranty-related. Most new windows come with a manufacturer’s warranty that states that the windows will perform as they’re designed to, assuming they’re installed correctly in the first place. But a shoddy installation job can negate the warranty in the blink of an eye. If windows start leaking, it may not be because the windows themselves are bad; it may be that they weren’t installed properly in the first place. In this situation, the DIY homeowner is out of luck and will probably have to buy new windows or pay to have the windows reinstalled. Having the windows installed by window installation experts in the first place saves the homeowner from this frustration. The experts take the blame if the window fails due to poor installation, and the burden is on them to make it right.


You Break, You Buy (or Pay)


Windows are surprisingly heavy. Another thing to consider as a DIY homeowner is that if you break any part of the window unit (glass, seal, or frame) during the installation process, you’ll have to shell out the bucks for a new one. If a professional installer breaks it, the installation company pays for the replacement window…a much better solution for the homeowner.


Professionals Recommend the Right Window for Your Needs


Because window installation professionals have experience installing many different window brands, we can recommend a window that’s exactly right for your needs. Whether you need a specific style, size, or color, professional installers can help you select from the available options to get the look you want. We can also work with you on budgetary needs. Windows are not all created equal, and online research only goes so far. Talking with experts is the best route to travel when it comes to new window installation.


Energy Pro Windows and Siding – the Window Experts


The window pros at Energy Pro Windows and Siding in Belton, MO, have a motto: Measure twice, cut once. It’s our way of saying we’ll make sure the job is done right. We’ve been installing windows in the Kansas City metro area for years and know exactly what we’re doing when it comes to window installation. If you’re considering a window replacement job in Leawood, Prairie Village, Overland Park, or Olathe, KS; or in Liberty, Lee’s Summit, or Kansas City, MO, give Energy Pro a call today. We have many window styles to choose from and professional installers to get the job done right. Let your inner DIYer sit this one out!

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