How Winter Affects Your Windows & Are They Up for the Challenge?

Windows Ready for Winter

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The cold and unforgiving winter months can wreak havoc on windows that are either old or underequipped. Are your windows up for the challenge? Let’s find out! Here’s what you need to know about how Winter affects windows and how to know whether your windows are ready for winter or not. Heads up folks, if your windows aren’t suitable for the winter weather, you’re going to need an upgrade stat!

Check for Leaks

You should always check your windows for leaks before Old Man Winter comes knocking. Checking your windows for leaks is easy, fixing the problem is a wee bit more difficult. You should start by lighting a candle and holding it up to each window in your home. If the candle goes out suddenly after holding it up to a particular window, you’ve got a leak on your hands.

To fix the leak you’re going to need to fill it in and seal it up with caulking. One thing that you should keep in mind is that if you find that you’ve been having to shore up the same window or series of windows year after year, it’s time to look into buying some new windows!

Check the Alignment of Your Windows Before Winter Strikes!

Another thing that you should make an effort to check before Winter comes rolling in with its blustery winds is the alignment of your windows. If your windows are out of alignment they will allow cold air and water to rush into your home! An excess of wind and water in your home can cause serious and extremely costly damage which is why it’s important to check the alignment before Winter comes.

Consider the energy Efficiency of Your Windows

When Winter begins, heating bills start to go up, it’s inevitable. Although a certain spike in your heating bill is to be expected, you should keep an eye on the average cost for heat that you pay each year.

When you notice that you’ve been spending more on your heating bill consistently year after year, you should consider getting an upgrade and having your windows replaced. Old windows are notorious for heat loss and most of them are terrible when it comes to energy-efficiency.

Make Sure Your Windows Are Properly Insulated

Another tip that you should keep in mind is to make sure that your windows are properly insulated to withstand the bitter chill of the cold Winter months. In order to verify the integrity of your insulation is sufficient you can check for moisture or condensation forming along the edges of your windows.

If you notice that the window panes rattle excessively, it’s safe to assume that there is insufficient insulation. In either case, you’ll have to call a qualified window expert like the folks at Energy Pro Windows & Siding to address the problem.

Turn the Tide on Old Man Winter with a Little Help From Energy Pro Windows & Siding

At Energy Pro Windows & Siding we are dedicated to providing the hardworking people of the Kansas City area with the most energy-efficient windows on the market. No one likes a cold, drafty house, which is why we are here to help keep your house warm and more energy-efficient by supplying you with top-notch windows that will keep the heat where it belongs, in your house! Keep your house warm this year and give yourself the gift that keeps on giving, energy-efficient windows from Energy Windows & Siding!

Ready to give Old Man Winter a run for his money? Then you’re ready to call Energy Pro Windows & Siding!

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