How to Prepare Your Home for New Window Installation in Kansas City

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How to Prepare Your Home for New Window Installation in Kansas City

So the time has come for your home to get new replacement windows; maybe you’re doing a full remodel, or maybe your old windows have just finally given up. Whatever the reason, you’ll want your house to be ready for your new window installation in Kansas City, and that means a few simple procedures to make it easier for the window installation crew to get to work and get your new windows installed!

Prior to installation day, you’ll want to make sure that your home is prepared for the work crew. They’ll not only need access to the outside of the windows, but the inside as well, and that means clearing a path from the door to the windows. Move any furniture out of the way, especially if the furniture is near the window itself. You’ll also want to remove any window treatments such as blinds or curtains, or any decorations like holiday wreaths, yourself. It’s especially important to take good care of window treatments, as they can range in price pretty considerably, and you don’t want to see them damaged.

Before the new windows are installed, the old windows have to be removed. The whole process of window installation in Kansas City involves lots of sanding, sawing, and stripping, which can make a big mess. Your window installation crew will bring their own drop cloths and take every precaution they can against dust and debris, but it always helps to have a little extra, and you can help them out—and help make sure your home looks great when they’re done—by putting down drop cloths or plastic sheeting of your own in those rooms where windows will be replaced. It’s also a good idea to take picture frames and other decorations off the walls near where the work will be done, to protect them from dust and debris.

All that work requires tools, many of which will require power, so it’s a good idea to make sure that any electrical outlets on the exterior of your home are uncovered and available for the crew to use. If there are shrubs or other decorative plants near the windows, you may want to tie them back to help ensure that the crew has plenty of room to work.

It’s a good idea to shut any pets up in a room where they’ll be out of the way, or move them to another location where they won’t be frightened by all the noise and new people. You’ll also want to disconnect any alarm system that may be tied to your windows, or turn off glass break sensors, if you have them.

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