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Cleaning clogged gutters is not a very enjoyable activity for most homeowners. Not only is this a messy job but getting on a ladder comes with certain hazards. There is good news – if you invest in quality gutter guards, you can avoid having to clean your gutters – ever again.

However, buying gutter guards isn’t as simple as it may seem. After all, there are several product types to choose from. Keep reading to learn more about the difference between gutter guards and gutter screens.

Materials and Construction

A screen guard is typically made from metal or plastic and is much more affordable compared to the more complex systems available. This gutter protector will serve as a screen or barrier between your gutters and the debris that may otherwise make their way inside, causing damage.

Depending on the material they are made out of, screens do have pros and cons. For example, if you choose plastic, they may not be resistant to extreme weather conditions and metal screens could rust, causing damage to the gutter.

With a gutter guard, you have a protective system that goes on and in the gutter itself. The most common options are made from brush and foam. These will keep debris from getting inside the gutters but have a porous surface that allow water to pass through with ease.

Efficiency Considerations

Gutter screens are commonly used by homeowners. They are efficient for homes where leaves are the main issue. However, the opening on the surface is often big enough for smaller debris to pass through.

When it comes to gutter guards, you will find these are great for filtering out leaves and other types of debris. However, they do require some type of maintenance, at least one time a year.

With both of these, you can achieve the desired results – cleaner gutters – but they will require maintenance, which is something to keep in mind.


Plastic gutter screens are very easy to install. This is something a homeowner can do on their own.

Gutter guards are just as easy to install. In fact, they are designed to make the process perfect for any DIYer.

Estimated Costs

The price of gutter screens will depend on the brand you choose. You will find prices that range from ten cents per foot to more than two dollars per foot. The cost is usually dependent on the type of screen you choose and the length of the gutter system around your home.

If you choose the more affordable gutter guards, you can find options for just $20. However, for higher quality options, you may pay several hundred dollars. Again, this depends on the quality of the product along with the length of your gutter system.

Which Option Is Right for You?

Choosing between gutter screens and gutter guards is something that requires a review of the information here. With the tips and information here, you will be able to choose the option that best suits your needs.

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