Get Your House Ready for Summer with V Class® Windows by Sunrise

V Class® Window by Sunrise

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Get Your House Ready for Summer with V Class® Windows by Sunrise


Kansas City summers can be hot, hot, hot. It’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach 100 degrees at some point during the summer, sapping the energy out of people and driving kids and adults alike to the swimming pool to cool off. It often seems to be the only way to handle the summer heat.


High temperatures can be hard on people, but they can also be hard on your home. Not only does strong sunlight fade your paint job and damage your siding; it can also fade furniture and draperies inside the house. When summer hits full force this year in Prairie Village, Overland Park, and Olathe, KS, make sure your home is prepared for it. Buy new windows now from Energy Pro Windows and Siding, your local Kansas City window installation experts, and have them installed before the hot weather hits. That way you’ll be prepared to fight the heat this summer.


Fight Back with V® Class Windows by Sunrise


Energy Pro offers many window replacement options for homeowners in the Kansas City area, including Lee’s Summit, Leawood, and Liberty. One of the best replacement windows on the market is the V Class® Window by Sunrise. V Class Windows by Sunrise protect your home from the summer sun, keeping the heat out and helping you keep your cool throughout the summer months. Here are a few reasons to consider replacing your old window with V Class Windows by Sunrise before the heat hits in earnest.




Protecting your family and your furnishings from the harsh rays of the sun should be your first consideration. Having the right windows installed can go a long way toward protecting your investment and keeping your family cool during the hot summer months. V Class Windows by Sunrise are designed with your family’s comfort in mind. They provide a barrier that keeps the heat of the sun’s rays outside and the cool temperatures of air-conditioned air inside. This is done through a couple different features.


Construction. V Class windows are insulated vinyl replacement windows built with high-quality materials designed at every step to keep the summer heat outside. A fusion-welded frame with fiberglass reinforced structural sash rails provides maximum strength and durability. Polyurethane insulation adds an extra layer between you and outside elements. Draft-blocking triple weather stripping keeps warm air out and cold air in during summer months. All of these features help maintain a constant temperature inside, which keeps your family happy when summer heat strikes hard.


Glass Systems. V Class Windows by Sunrise take advantage of advanced glazing technology to provide additional protection for your home and family. Available in a variety of glass options, V Class windows help cut down on the sun’s glare and in some cases, can even reflect the sunlight away from the house. It’s all in the insulated glass technology. For instance, the Ultra-U VSS Glass System is made up of ⅞” dual-glazed insulated glass which consists of eight layers of high-performance reflective metallic shields. These shields catch the sun and reflect it away from your home, protecting furniture and draperies and allowing your air conditioner to do its job without interference.


Other available glass systems offer an increased number of metallic shields, triple-paned glass, and highly advanced spacer systems that allow windows to be filled with high-density inert gasses like argon or krypton. These gases are very dense and help slow the thermal transmission between the outside of your home and the inside. In essence, these gases are what insulate your home and keep it comfortable regardless of the weather outside.


Energy Efficiency


As you might guess from the design features above, V Class Windows by Sunrise are extremely energy efficient. In fact, these windows meet strict energy efficiency guidelines as set by the Environmental Protection Agency. These are some of the top-rated ENERGY STAR® windows on the market today, which is good news for homeowners in Kansas City. It means that when you buy these new windows, you’ll actually save on energy costs this summer.




Of course, a replacement window has to do more than just protect your home, right? Your new windows also have to add curb appeal. Luckily V Class Windows by Sunrise have you covered there, too. Available in a wide range of styles and finishes, these windows easily integrate with your home’s current look, whether it’s a Cape Cod-style cottage in Leawood or a one-story ranch in Prairie Village.


Styles. V Class Windows by Sunrise come in several popular styles including double hung, sliding, casement, bay, and bow. There are also specialty styles available such as garden windows and projected frame windows. Whatever your home needs, you’ll find it with V Class Windows from Sunrise.


Trims and Other Options. Interior trim can be painted or purchased in a range of wood grain finishes from Golden Oak to English Walnut. Outside trims come in over 15 colors designed to complement any home’s paint scheme. Grid variations, etched glass, and designer glass let you customize to your heart’s content. You can also get V Class windows with self-cleaning glass, making them a huge asset during those spring cleaning months. That’s one thing you can cross off your list!


Local Experts


Buying new windows can be a daunting proposition, but when you work with experts like the ones we have here at Energy Pro Windows, you’ll discover that your window replacement project is a snap. We handle all aspects of the window installation process and ensure that your new V Class Windows by Sunrise are installed and working correctly. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing windows that are the best fit for your needs, and will keep you advised of what’s happening during every step of the window replacement process.


If you’ve decided to take steps to keep the blazing heat out of your Kansas City home this summer, contact the window professionals at Energy Pro Windows. We can get your V Class Windows by Sunrise installed and ready to go before the summer sun strikes. Call or stop in today for more information.

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