Do Your Kansas City Gutters Need Replaced? Here’s How You Can Tell

kansas city gutters

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Your Kansas City gutters are made to last, but not forever. Depending on what they are made of and how much action they see, they can become worn out and damaged.

Your gutters keep the rest of your home safe by removing excess water. If they are not up to the job any longer, it may be time to look at getting them replaced.

Do Your Kansas City Gutters Need Replaced? Here’s How You Can Tell

If you have only minor problems, you may not need to replace your gutters, but if they are old or damaged, then you are better off replacing them.

Your Gutters are Separating

You may notice that there are spaces between a few sections of your Kansas City gutters. These need to be connected to each other without any seams or spaces to remove the water properly.

Cracks, Holes, or Rust

Perhaps you can see holes in your gutters, cracks, or growing patches of rust. Smaller spots can likely be repaired, but if the gutters are older, then you are better off replacing them.

This can happen from weather, from the gutters getting hit with tree branches, damage from the ladder, animals, old age, and other things that may or may not be in your control.

Pulling Away from the Roof

Smaller areas may be hammered back into place, but if the gutters continue to pull away, they need to be replaced. The area where they are meant to be placed will need to be fixed or replaced, as well. It is likely rotten.

Peeling Paint or Damaged Siding

Your Kansas City gutters are meant to protect your home from water damage. If you notice that the paint is blistered or peeling, or there is moisture damage to your siding, the gutters are not doing their job.

You may also notice mold or mildew around the gutter system. There could be signs of mold, water damage, rusted fasteners, damp patches, and other areas that may be rotting or falling apart.

Sagging or Poorly Pitched

Sagging areas in your gutter system, or if your gutters are not angled correctly, they can hold water inside rather than move it along and off the house. It may cause the sags, it can break the gutters, or spill over the top and down the side of your house.

The angle of the gutters is important to make sure the water comes off the roof and down the gutter system and away from the house. Otherwise, you can expect all sorts of damage including the gutters.

Flooded or Damp Basement

Finding excess water in your basement can mean your gutters are leaking. That water is running down your house and seeping into your foundation. This means you need to fix the foundation and replace your Kansas City gutters to prevent any further damage.

Pooling Water

Check the ground around the base of your home. If there are pools of water in places that there shouldn’t be, it could be a sign your gutters are not functioning properly.

This can lead to foundation damage so it’s important that you get it checked out and repaired or replaced. Regular maintenance and inspections can help keep your gutters in much better condition.

Kansas City Gutters

If you need more information about Kansas City gutters, please follow this link, or contact us here at Energy Pro. A good gutter system, complete with gutter guards, can help prevent damage to your home, the gutters, and keep them working for many years to come.

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