7 Tips for Cleaning Your Vinyl Windows

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7 Tips for Cleaning Your Vinyl Windows


Got vinyl windows? Want to keep them in top-notch condition and last for many years to come?


When you get new windows installed, you’re making an investment in your home. You’re investing in energy efficiency, as well as a long-lasting improvement to your home. It can increase your home’s equity, too. You want your investment to last as long as possible, and if not taken care of properly, your windows may see a shorter lifetime than you’d hope.


To make sure your window replacements last a long time and not have to buy new windows anytime soon, you’ll want to do regular deep cleaning on your windows. Here’s how to keep your windows in great condition for years to come with some simple cleaning tips.


7 Tips for Taking Great Care of Your Vinyl Windows


Deep clean twice a year.


Your vinyl windows will stay in great shape with a minimum of deep cleaning them twice a year. You could make it once a season to step it up a notch or once a month to be a real overachiever. Either way, you will greatly extend the life of your vinyl windows by deep cleaning them regularly, so make sure to add it to your regular cleaning list.


Be sure to use non-abrasive cleaning tools.


An important tip for cleaning vinyl windows is that you want to make sure to stay away from any cleaning tools that may scratch or damage the surfaces of your windows. Use very soft materials that will keep all of your windows’ surfaces smooth and silky for years to come.


Use your sash latches for easy cleaning.


Joyce windows and most windows these days have cleaning in mind in the design, so you’ll find that your windows probably have latches on the sashes, which release them to tilt or remove them. This is an important tip to remember for easy cleaning in these areas.


Vacuum frames to remove dirt and debris.


An easy way to get rid of dirt and debris from all the nooks and crannies is your vinyl windows is by using your vacuum. Use your vacuum’s small area attachment to easily vacuum out excess dirt and debris, before starting your deep cleaning. This will speed up your cleaning time greatly, since you won’t be spreading around the dirt and debris the entire time you’re cleaning your windows.


Clean the frames and panes with a soft cloth and soapy water.


When you’re doing your regular cleaning, you’ll want to clean your windows’ frames and panes with soapy water. Use only small amount of mild dish soap mixed with warm water, and it helps to keep it in a bucket. A soft cloth like one made with microfiber is a great choice for cleaning your windows’ frames and panes without damaging them.


Clean the glass with water and a soft cloth.


The glass of your windows is also cared for like the frames and panes, but you can just use water. If you’d like, you may also use a small amount of soap in your water. When you clean your glass, make sure to be extra careful to not scratch the surface, since glass is more vulnerable to scratches. A soft cloth like microfiber is a great choice. You should also use a soft, absorbent cloth to finish, like ones you would use to clean glasses that go on your face.


Apply a vinyl polish after cleaning for extra durability.


Although vinyl is already a high-performing material against the sun’s UV rays, it doesn’t hurt to add extra protection to your windows after a good cleaning. When you regularly use vinyl polish, you’ll help protect your windows from sun damage, which will help extend the life of your windows. You can find vinyl polish on Amazon or a hardware store near you.


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